Another Day, Another Distraction Caused by Jameis Winston

May 01, 2014 -- 7:03am
Alex Turko (@aturko_23)
            Another headline and another distraction can once again be attributed to our star quarterback Jameis Winston.  This time Winston received a civil citation for walking out of Publix with $32 worth of unpaid seafood.
            If you have a minute (or sixty) let's breakdown Winston’s track record off the field.  In 2012 he was almost evicted from his residence for allegedly having BB-gun battles with his friends, causing damage to the complex.  That same year he was accused of stealing soda from Burger King in the mini ketchup cups.  Both of these minor incidents were swept under the rug and barely made the headlines.  Winston wasn’t a star in 2012, but he was a prized recruit and at some point I think we all should question how much slack we can give the players.  After all, they are still everyday citizens just like all of us sports fans and need to be held to the same legal standards set by the government.
            Then, there was the rape case that loomed over the program for the better half of the football season.  After a strenuous series of court dates, Winston was acquitted of the potential rape charges, but the stigma continues to follow him around. 
            After his latest stealing debacle I find myself wondering what his next accusation will be.  Somehow he continues to find his way into trouble and it’s worrisome to think that eventually these events will catch up with him.  Winston is the face of the Florida State Seminoles and a Heisman winner.  Both of those prestigious positions demand integrity and responsibility and unfortunately Jameis has failed to show either.  
            Last August, Jameis Winston told reporters “If I ever get Manziel disease I want all of you to smack me in the head with your microphones” (per Perry Kostidakis).  Well, reporters, I think its time you smack him in the head, because he has the worst case of Manziel disease we’ve seen. 
            Did he really need to steal those crab legs and crawfish?  He could wait one year, enter the draft and make gaudy amounts of money for a (would-be) 21-year old, and hire his own charter boat captain to give him the freshest seafood around.  Really the only way to describe Winston is foolish.
            The immaturity is a glaring issue and looking back at the Seminoles last two Heisman winners, Winston is a polar opposite.  His emotion and goofiness on the field is part of the reason we all love this guy so much.  He must find a way to leave that amusing banter and immaturity on the field, where it is actually a positive for him and his teammates.  Let it be known that I will continue to root for and support Jameis Winston but I want to know, when will he learn?   

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