No need for First Round Pick Sales Pitch

May 07, 2014 -- 11:23am

By David Levin

 Whats the deal with this idea the Jaguars must Sell the first round pick to the fan base if it isnt Jadeveon Clowney or Sammy Watkins or a franchise quarterback? Last time I checked, the Jaguars were a team withmany holes to fill, not just one, so the concept of finding the perfect fit for the team could come in a variety of ways. Team general manager Dave Caldwell probably has an idea of which name he will write down and send to the podium Thursday night. But suggesting the team has to sell or defend itself to fans because they may have wanted another person taken in the first round is kind of crazy.  

This is not a Tim Tebow Draft and we certainly dont need to cross that bridge again. But when think of it, winning is this teams first priority. And last time I checked, the fan base was pretty happy with Luke Joeckel as our first round pick, regardless of the ankle injury he suffered last season.In fact, last time I checked, Caldwell, his staff and head coach Gus Bradley got glowing reviews with the 2013 Draft class (including Denard Robinson). So tell me why a defensive mode would be necessary if the pick is Mack or Matthews or even the team trades down to gather more draft picks?  Here are a few thing you will never hear Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell say about his team.

- The team has too many pass rushers

- The team has plenty of offensive linemen

- The team doesnt need to find a sure-handed receiver

Ask the Giants, 49ers and Seahawks about taking players year after year in the Draft or signing them in free agency? Last time I looked they were pretty successful franchises, had a few Super Bowl trophies between them and knew a thing or two about stockpiling draft picks for success.

Their fans sure don't seem to mind how the teams make their picks because they know in the future those picks pay off.  I half expect the Jaguars to take their full allotment of time on Thursday night fielding phone calls about a trade (Atlanta, Oakland, or Dallas) and deciding between two players (Watkins or Mack). One will be an instant hit because he can catch footballs. The other will be a solid pick, but with all the changes made to the roster on defense may look like overkill.  Hopefully, the fans of this team will realize a little overkill might go a long way. And if you need an explanation about it, why not ask those other teams that have that same idea about repetition. After all, rings matter in this league not how many years you continually draft defensive super stars.

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