Tebow Continuing to be Passed Over by NFL

Aug 13, 2014 -- 9:54am

I never thought Tim Tebow would be a star quarterback in the NFL. I even had reservations about him being a starter.

But I’ve got to admit it never dawned on me that he’d be out of the league before he was 25.

And the more NFL I watch the more I’m amazed -- and puzzled -- that Tebow now works for the SEC Network instead of NFL team.

Have you seen some of the quarterback play in the NFL this preseason?

In a league desperate for quarterbacks -- and a league that is going more and more with mobile QBs -- are you telling me there’s not one of the 90 to 96 available spots for Tim Tebow?

I realize Tebow had his chances – he’s been dismissed by three different teams – and I know his insane celebrity makes teams uncomfortable about having him on their bench, but if guys like Brady Quinn and Charlie Whitehurst keep getting opportunities surely you’d think somebody’d want Tebow.

Tebow says he’s working out regularly and still dreams of getting an opportunity, but he’s about to enter his second season out of uniform and his dream now appears to be more of a daydream.

Tebow’s critics will tell you 32 general managers and 32 head coaches can’t be wrong. They’ll point to him last being cut by New England’s Bill Belichick as proof there’s no place for Tebow as an NFL quarterback. Belichick is the most successful, secure, arrogant and unorthodox head coach in the NFL. If he can’t find a way to use Tebow then no other coach is going to give him a shot.

I hear them, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. 

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