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NFL Pop Quiz

Aug 21, 2014 -- 9:55am

Today I’m giving you an NFL pop quiz.

What’s the No. 1 key ingredient to winning in the NFL?

A -- Is it coaching?

B – Is it quarterback play?

C – Is it having outstanding lines of scrimmage?

D – Is it a great defense?

E – Is it luck (as in not getting screwed by the zebras)?

F -- None of the above.

The answer is F, none of the above.

So what is the key ingredient?

It’s staying healthy.

No word is used more often by coaches and players than “injury”. No phrase is uttered more often than “staying healthy”. In football the question isn’t if a player will be injured but when and how badly will he be injured.

 Injuries are a part of all sports but nothing like they are in football. They indicate success and failure more than anything a GM, coach or player can do.

That’s why nearly every new rule is about protecting players. Trouble is large, powerful and fast men crashing into one another is the perfect formula for not staying healthy. 

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