Jaguars Overwhelmed and Overmatched

Nov 05, 2012 -- 10:11am


By: Rob Johnson (@RJ1452)

It should not have been this way.  The Jaguars should not have been dominated by the Lions and convincingly defeated 31-14.  Fans should have witnessed a competitive, hard fought battle for four quarters.  There are no excuses for the performance that was much, much worse than the seventeen point deficit indicates.

After the first two drives by the Lions, the game had a good feel to it.  The defense was making quality plays and flying to the ball, and I thought the Jags were going to have a break-out game.  When Jason Hanson's 47 yard field goal hit the right upright, I knew it was going to be a great day for the fans in attendance at EverBank Field.

Then, the offense went three-and-out for a second consecutive drive.  Just like that, with the score at 0-0, the game was over.  Before we could blink, the Jaguars were down 21-0 and EverBank became a sea of empty seats.

The Jags were overwhelmed and overmatched once again.  So, who do we blame for this debacle?  In his post-game press conference Mike Mularkey said "I'm not embarrassed.  I'm disappointed."

In searching for additional words to describe the loss, Mularkey said that there was no lack of player effort.  When 1010XL's David Lammposed the second player effort question to clarify the head coach's thoughts about there not being a lack of effort, Mularkey responded with "No.  And don't ask me again."  Convince me those words aren't a cry for help from the head coach to the owner.

The Jaguars suffered a 31-14 loss that felt like 71-14, and Mularkey was emphatic that there was no lack of effort.  That, once again, emphasizes the weak talent on this team and condemns Gene Smith even further.  Something must be done immediately to salvage the 2012 season.

Wins will not save the year, and firing Smith won't make everything better.  Nevertheless, a change in direction must occur soon, at least in a small way.

With a short week upon us, there is no time for anyone to dwell on yesterday's disgrace.  However, there is time for owner Shahid Khan to reassure fans that the he will not tolerate losing.  Mr. Khan must be seen and heard in the next four days.

An interview, preferably one on 1010XL, or press conference must happen prior to this week's game.  Mr. Khan's presence on Thursday at EverBank Field is vital.  He needs to be mingling with fans prior to the game like 60 Minutesshowed him doing in Week 1.

The Jaguars have an internet advertisement that states "NOTHING BEATS BEING THERE LIVE."  Well, nothing beats knowing that your owner will not "stay the course" which led to this 1-7 start.

While the Jags continue to show us ways they are overwhelmed and overmatched, I know that can't happen to Mr. Khan.

Claw Marks:

  • Blaine Gabbert's answers and attitude in his post-game press conference give me as much hope in him as anything I've seen on film.
  • Gabbert's former college head coach, Gary Pinkel (or someone running his Twitter account), has become active in social media this year to highlight Gabbert and all former MIZZOU players' success in the NFL to help recruiting.  After Gabbert's touchdown pass, a Tweet from Pinkel's account, once again, praised the "First Round Pick."
  • I don't understand how Justin Blackmon can struggle with keeping two feet in bounds.  Even little kids playing backyard football practice making game-winning catches with an emphasis on dragging their second foot in bounds.

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