Gators Entering Two Week Lull

Nov 08, 2012 -- 11:28am

By: T. Miller


Zzzzz…. Hey! What’s that? Oh, sorry. I dozed off there for a bit. It’s just that these last couple of weeks have felt a lot like the season’s first couple of weeks. Lackluster opposition, even lackluster-er offense, and now we don’t even have the anticipation of 12 weeks of football ahead.

Yes, the 2012 Florida Football season ends with a handful of snoozers before the big finale in Tallahassee, but this weekend will only be boring if you like watching football in a vacuum. There’s plenty to watch:

  1. SATURDAY: LA-Lafayette at Florida, 12:21 p.m. ET. These aren’t the Louisianas you’re looking for… That was Monroe who beat Arkansas and took Auburn to overtime – although at this point that doesn’t seem as cool as it did two months ago. Actually Lafayette beat Monroe just last week, so, transitive properties! Still, this is a bad team and Florida fans can take a breather early Saturday afternoon. Just sit back and watch to see how bad our offense really is.
  2. SATURDAY: Georgia at Auburn, 7 p.m. ET. If Georgia loses, the Gators go to Atlanta. Look guys, stranger things have happened. I’m old enough to remember when Florida played at Auburn every other year. We did that for something like 80 years before the SEC adjusted the schedule and did away with the two permanent cross-division rivals. In something like 40 games at Auburn, Florida won something like six times — including the 90s. Point is, Jordan-Hare is not an easy place to play. Of course, without exaggerating, this is the worst Auburn team probably ever. Still, they play ‘em for a reason. Win one for the Chizzer.

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