Why the Jaguars ARE Worth Watching

Nov 14, 2012 -- 1:45pm


By: Rob Johnson @RJ1452

So... Jags fans... How was last Sunday?  Did you enjoy time with your friends or families?  Did you avoid football at all costs?  Did you watch as many games as possible?

What will you do this Sunday?  The Jaguars are playing the 8-1 Texans, and there is no way that they win this game... right?

It's unlikely that the Texans have such a let down, after a very good win over the Bears, that the Jags somehow, someway pull off the upset of the season.  Then again, stranger things have happened.

The Jaguars are running a facebook promotion entitled "LIKE US. LOVE THEM."  It's a campaign highlighting the franchise’s donations to the Jacksonville Humane Society, but it made me think of something different.

Some of us have a belief that while we don't always like our families and friends, we do love them no matter what happens.  Regardless of drama or dire circumstances, when they truly need us, we will be there to help in some way.

Die hard fans of the Jags are now faced with the worst year in the history of the franchise, and the team is fighting for the top overall draft choice in 2013.  So, what's the point of fans watching, let alone supporting, the Jaguars on Sunday or the rest of this season?

The answer is that the Jags are family.  Even though they have let Jacksonville down and will continue to embarrass themselves and fans this season, the team needs support.  In reality, fans need the camaraderie more than the Jaguars need love.

If you look around the NFL, many teams are disappointments.  Granted, those teams may not be failing to the extent of the Jags.  Nevertheless, fans in other cities are just as upset as fans in Jacksonville.

If you haven't seen the NFL Network's documentary Cleveland 95: A Football Life,I highly recommend watching it.  It will give you a glimpse of why Browns fans are so dedicated despite the horrible play and franchise mismanagement, since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999.

I don't bring that up to stoke the fire of the Jaguars leaving Jacksonville.  What can be taken from the film is the connection between fans.  

The Browns and the Jags are in similar situations.  They are both losers with new owners committed to rebuilding each franchise.  Plus, each team, owner and city needs the support of fans.  

The city of Jacksonville, in particular, needs fans to support the Jaguars.  As Shahid Khan and team president Mark Lamping begin the re-establishment of the franchise, they need sponsors to get on and expand the bandwagon.  That is clear from their actions and words.  Sponsors won't step up with diminishing fan support, so unfortunately, fans are required to be "All In" before the Jags provide them with reasons to do just that.

I'm confident that change is on the way in  2013.  While we all would like a quick fix before this season ends, that's impossible.  However, we must place our faith in Mr. Khan that he will not settle for a disgraceful football team.  Nothing about him tells us that losing is an option.  Therefore, fans should be optimistic about the future of the Jaguars.

Enthusiasm for the team will be extremely difficult during the next seven weeks, especially this Sunday's game against the Texans.  Even the off-season won't provide everything the Jags need to become a Super Bowl contender.  However, things can't get worse than they are right now, unless Gene Smith remains as the general manager.

As difficult and ridiculous as this may sound, this terrible time in Jaguars history will make the winning seasons and a Super Bowl victory even sweeter.  That's not to say that fans should be content with another losing record in 2013 nor should they keep their current displeasure quiet.

This is just a reminder that a NFL franchise is very special.

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