Thank Goodness this Isn't 2014

Nov 15, 2012 -- 11:40am


Thank goodness this isn’t 2014. Imagine the debate we’d have in college football.

It’s bad enough this year with three eligible teams still unbeaten but only two spots available for the BCS Championship Game. Who’s the odd man out if all three finish unbeaten?


 Kansas State?

 Notre Dame?

Now imagine its mid-November, 2014 with the same circumstances. Starting that year we’ll have a 4-team playoff. The three unbeatens are in, but who’s No. 4?

That’s when we’ll really hear some screaming and not just from one set of fans. The whining will be practically coast-to-coast, the loudest coming from the South where we invented football. We did, didn’t we?

We could wind up with seven 11-1 teams. Now that’s what I call material for a debate.

Moving on to NASCAR

You know ol’ Bill France Sr. must be smiling down on us. The late founder of NASCAR saw his sport grow from short dirt tracks near small southern towns to the big time before he left us. Since then the sport has boomed, taking a place alongside the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball as a major form of entertainment in the USA.

Along the way NASCAR turned its back on its grass root fans, understandably but sadly opting for corporate dollars rather than good ol’ boys who jest loved to load up their pickup trucks and go watch racin’.

Now, with one final race remaining on the 2012 schedule, Sunday at Homestead, NASCAR is enjoying the best of both worlds. Last week’s race was like a flashback to the ‘60s. There was Jeff Gordon purposely slamming Clint Bowyer into the wall. There was the brawl between pit crews.

No apologies have been made. Racin’, rubbin’, brawlin’ is alive and well, just like the sport ol’ Bill Senior created.  

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