SEC Snobs Should be Embarrassed by Weekend's Cream Puff Schedule

Nov 16, 2012 -- 9:42am


SEC football snobs aren’t feeling so good these days. Mighty Alabama has fallen and there’s a good chance the conference’s string of winning national championships – currently at six -- will end this season.

That’s the bad news for the nation’s best conference.

The good news is most SEC snobs can get back to chest-beating this weekend because they’ll be celebrating blowout victories. Here’s a list of the lambs who will be led to slaughter in SEC stadiums Saturday:  Jacksonville State (Florida), Georgia Southern (Georgia), Wofford (South Carolina), Western Carolina (Alabama), Sam Houston (Texas A&M), Alabama A&M (Auburn) and Samford (Kentucky). Missouri, an SEC rookie, obviously hasn’t learned how to play the schedule game because it plays host to a legitimate opponent, Syracuse.

I know teams from every power conference play cupcakes, but no conference does it better than the SEC. SEC snobs argue the grind of conference games is so demanding that their schools need a few “gimme” games.

I say such games are an embarrassment to the sport.

Crystal Ball, Week 11:

Jaguars (1-8) at Texans (8-1) – This almost qualifies as one of those games listed above. Houston, favored by 15, wins 38-10.

Bears (7-2) at 49ers (6-2-1), Monday – It figured to be a defensive battle before the injuries to the starting QBs. Now, the first team to 10 might win. The 49ers, favored by 5, win 9-3.

Tennessee (4-6) at Vanderbilt (6-4) – QB Tyler Bray said this week he was paid to win games for the Volunteers. Along that line of thinking, the Vols should pay more for some defensive players. Vandy, favored by 4, wins 31-24.

Ohio State (10-0) at Wisconsin (7-3) – The Buckeyes have used up enough late-game heroics for several seasons. The Badgers, favored by 2½, win 28-21.

Southern Cal (7-3) @ UCLA (8-2) – Wonder what sneaky trick Trojan Coach Lane Kiffin is up to this week? Unless he can figure out how to get away with playing 12 men on defense, it won’t matter. The Bruins, 3½-point underdogs, win 49-45.

North Carolina State (6-4) at Clemson (9-1) – Clemson isn’t getting much love, but it may be the best 9-1 team in the nation. The Tigers, favored by 17, win 42-24.

South Florida (3-6) at Miami (5-5) – I keep telling you the glory days of the Hurricanes are in the past. But at least Miami is still good enough to qualify for a minor bowl game. The Canes, favored by 7, win 24-12.

I had a bounce back week, going 5-2 in both picking winners (38-32 overall) and against the spread (29-41).

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