Nov 16, 2012 -- 10:15am


By: Blabbermouth Lamm

The offensive explosion going on in college football makes it tougher than ever to pick games using the point spread. Three points, for example, is big in a 21-17 game, but not so much in a 49-45 shootout. That's my way of saying ol' Blabbermouth had another ho-hum week, going 4-4-2. The overall record, however, is still an impressive 47-34-2.


This week's games:


UCLA +3.5 vs. Southern Cal

Virginia Tech -10 at Boston College

South Florida +7 at Miami

Wisconsin -2.5 vs. Ohio State

Oregon -20.5 vs. Stanford

San Jose State +3 vs. BYU

Western Kentucky +4 at Louisiana-Lafayette

Central Florida +1.5 at Tulsa

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