God Must Be a College Football Fan

Nov 20, 2012 -- 10:04am


God must be a college football fan. The proof will come in the next two weeks.

Clearly there was divine intervention last week. How else can you explain the top two ranked teams, Kansas State and Oregon, both losing to set up perhaps the most anticipated college football championship game in decades? Maybe ever.

Who doesn’t want to see Notre Dame play Alabama?

Okay, I realize fans of the various schools want to see their teams in the title game, but even those fans have to admit how intriguing a Notre Dame-Alabama matchup would be. We’re talking about the two most recognizable names in college football history.

The folks at ABC/ESPN are doing cartwheels in anticipation of such a BCS Championship Game in Miami. If it happens, it will be the most watched game in college football history.

Such a game seemed all but out of the question last week. Now it seems likely. Oh, both schools have some obstacles to overcome, but if God is, indeed, a college football fan . . . well, you see where I’m going with this.

A few weeks back there was the likely and delicious possibility of Alabama and Oregon playing for the title. That would be the Establishment vs. the New Kids on the Block; great defense vs. great offense. It held great promise and excitement.

That game, however, couldn’t hold a candle to Notre Dame vs. Alabama. I’m talking about the ghost of Knute Rockne, Touchdown Jesus, the Four Horsemen, Golden Domers and the bevy of Heisman Trophy winners on one side. I’m talking the ghost of Bear Bryant, the Hound’s Tooth hat, the raw-boned country boys who grow up saying “Roll Tide” before they learn to say “mama” and a string of national championship trophies on the other side.

Notre Dame must defeat Southern Cal, which will play without their stud quarterback Matt Barkley, who is injured. Even the Irish’s mediocre offense can probably score a bunch against the Trojans’ pathetic defense.  Alabama must play state rival Auburn, often a formidable opponent but not this year; then Georgia in the SEC title game.

I can’t imagine God having anything against the Bulldogs, but He knows Notre Dame-Alabama has a more heavenly ring to it than Notre Dame-Georgia. 

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