Florida State Looks Ahead to the ACC Championship

Nov 27, 2012 -- 4:33pm


By: Nick O'Bryan

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”- Bob Marley

This may be a reference to actual people, but I think in this situation it encompasses my feelings on the Noles quite nicely.  It was an emotional roller coaster on Saturday.  I have gone through most of my grieving process and can now type words into the computer again.  Seems like it is coming down to a, “what have we learned this season” kind of year, instead of what we hoped to be a national title year.  So, why don’t we take time to review what we have learned?

1.     The ACC is bad, and I mean really really bad.  Georgia Tech lost to Georgia, Vandy beat Wake Forrest, Clemson lost to South Carolina, AND UF beat our Florida State Seminoles.  Yeah, the SEC is good. 


2.     Jimbo Fisher should not be running the offense from the field.  Some programs still do it and are successful, but someone has got to be calling Jimbo Fisher’s plays from the booth.  There are so many things that get missed from a field-level that might be better called from above.


3.     5th year senior quarterback E.J. Manuel never met his full potential this year.  As the year has progressed it has taken longer and longer to get to the line of scrimmage with the play, and once there, it seems like E.J. then runs a completely different play altogether.  He hasn’t been checking down properly, and in panic situations did not throw the ball away but chose to often make poor decisions which put his health and our ball security in jeopardy.


4.     FSU has to step up it’s out of conference schedule to help with computer rankings and honestly team preparation.  If you don’t have consistent experience against big time opponents, it is hard to gauge where you are, and make adjustments to prepare for big games down the road.


These are a few.  I apologize if I missed some, but those are the basics.  There are a few more things that must be addressed.  There is a panic going on around the fact that FSU is still in the ACC.  Let’s just say hypothetically, that FSU beat NC State (as they should have) and UF.  I guarantee no one would care where Maryland is going or why, because we would be booking flights to Miami, and not for the ORANGE BOWL.  Winning cures everything.  To put it in perspective, Jags commentators and team Management have been trying to figure out how to take the tarps off the seats and sell tickets.  They added Wifi and cool activities around the stadium thinking that is how to do it.  I’ve got a little nugget for you, if the Jaguars win, then people will go see them.  It is much the same for the Noles.  When you are winning, you don’t have to study BCS computer’s schemes and pray that this team will beat that team.  It doesn’t matter when you win.  

Also, reports are in that Mark Stoops will be leaving FSU to become the Head Coach at Kentucky.  By the time you read this, it will have already been announced so it won’t be such ground breaking news.  The thing to take away from this is that as FSU fans we grew up with the same coaches our whole lives.  At other schools things don’t work that way.  FSU will find a great D coordinator in the off-season and everything will be just fine.  Tallahassee was not ever long-term for Mark Stoops and his departure is not a huge surprise.  I mean, the guy only ever wore ONE shirt the whole time he was here.

In closing, if I had to put a title on this year it would most likely be, The Worst 10 Win Year Ever!!!  Part of this is being in the south where the SEC is king and losing to Florida, but right now we need to hope that the team is focusing every bit of its attention to beating Georgia Tech.  Because as Chadd Scott of 1010xl stated on the radio, “it would take this year from a disappointment, to a tragedy.”  Winning the ACC needs to be the Noles ONLY priority right now.       


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