The Tale of Two Uglies

Dec 04, 2012 -- 5:55pm


The topics for today are Big Uglies and Dumb Uglies.

First, the Big Uglies, which is actually a term of endearment for offensive linemen.

Alabama deserved to win the SEC championship game and a shot at the BCS title. Georgia did not.

To Georgia’s credit the Bulldogs made it a classic game before losing 32-28 and getting to the Crimson Tide’s 5-yard line as time expired. But it would have been a shame if Georgia had pulled out the victory. No team gutted up the middle as the Bulldogs were should wear the crown of the nation’s best and most physical conference.

I’m told Georgia’s defense is loaded with future NFL players. If that’s true, someone should try to draft the entire Alabama offensive line. Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon are fine running backs, maybe great ones, but Barney Fife and Floyd the Barber would have enjoyed stellar performances behind Alabama’s line.

An incredible number of the Tide’s 350 rushing yards came right up the middle, and most were gained before the runner was touched by anyone wearing a Georgia uniform.

You can have Lacy and Yeldon on your team if you’ll give me Barrett Jones, D.J. Fluker and company on mine.

Second, the Dumb Uglies, who are the people who actually put North Illinois in the Orange Bowl.

Northern Illinois doesn’t have a top 25 team, much less the No. 15 ranking the Huskies were given in the final BCS poll. In fact, I don’t think Northern Illinois is a top 50 team.

But I’m not ranting about the Huskies getting an automatic bid to the Orange Bowl. I’m not even ranting about the BCS system that allowed such a travesty to happen.

No, this is about the people that voted so they’d be No. 16. The group of so-called experts who make up the Harris poll had Northern Illinois ranked 16th. Does that mean they think the Huskies are the 16th best team in the nation? The 59 coaches who vote in the USA Today Coaches poll also had them 16th. Every coach included Northern Illinois on their ballots, 24 ranking it between 14 and 16. (Six coaches had them 14th; four had them 15th; 14 had them 16th.)

 Even the AP/Media poll, which isn’t part of the BCS poll, had the school 16th. I wonder how many of those voters who have been ranting about the Huskies playing in the Orange Bowl voted for them somewhere among the top 25?

Indeed, Northern Illinois playing in the Orange Bowl is a bad joke. The biggest joke, however, is the group of so-called experts who put them in the game.


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