E.J. Manuel Disappoints On Field and Off at ACC Championship

Dec 05, 2012 -- 3:21pm

By: Nick O'Bryan


The ACC Championship game was becoming more and more frustrating by the middle of the third quarter.  The offense would go out on the field running what I like the call the “Jeff Bowden” offense, go three and out, and get booed going to the bench.  The very same offensive game plan that you may remember from the NC State game was rearing its ugly head again.  That wasn’t what I was watching.  I was watching Bjoern Werner rally the defense again and again from the sideline.  Most of the time there were no coaches around, it was just the defense pumping each other up and coaching each other on how to go out and stop the yellow jackets yet again. 

I would say there were some firsts in that game for me.  While orange balls went flying into the stands Nole fans were standing silent for the first few moments, angry and disappointed.  Meanwhile, confetti and power aid baths ensued on the field.  It was the wildest difference in emotion from the team to the fans I have ever seen.  Now, the emotion would change to happiness but I won’t forget that E.J. Manuel walked off the field to booing fans as the clock ran to 0.00 making FSU ACC Champions.  The other first was that as the trophy was being raised, E.J. Manuel was nowhere to be found.  That, coupled with the fact that Manuel’s sideline demeanor was anything but inspiring made it truly disappointing to watch.

All that being said, FSU did win the game and are ACC Champions for the first time since 2005.  The Noles will be going to the first BCS Bowl since 2005 as well.  This will give them a chance to win their first BCS Bowl since……wait for it……the 1999 national championship.  It is time to achieve these goals.  Yes, FSU will be playing Northern Illinois University, but there are no guarantees in college football.  The Noles need to make a big time statement with this game and not play down to their opponent. 

I am holding out hope that with all the talent on this team, Jimbo Fisher will put someone in the booth who can call plays that aren’t so obvious and easy to read.  I am confident there will be a great choice for defensive coordinator, and there will be success with the three great options FSU has to choose from at quarterback.       

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