Too Many Bowls? No Way!

Dec 06, 2012 -- 12:23pm


I’ve never complained about the number of college football bowls there are. If a city wants to hosts a game, two schools want to make the trip and play each other and some TV network wants the game as inexpensive programming, who am I to complain?

For those of you who whine about the number of games being played, here’s some simple advice: Don’t watch stupid!

I realize anyone 35 or younger can’t remember when we had only three TV networks. There were no sports, music, weather, food, travel, old movies, etc. networks. There was no such thing as 24/7 TV. Stations went off the air around midnight and came back on the next morning at 6. In those days you pretty much watched what the networks offered.

Now there are hundreds of options. If Louisiana-Monroe is playing San Diego State, so what?  Change the channel. Ignore it. Act like it doesn’t exist.

And stop complaining.

Truth is there never is more than a handful of compelling bowl games with even a smidge of national appeal. This year, for the record, there are fewer than usual thanks to the clowns who voted Northern Illinois to the Orange, which shipped Louisville to the Sugar. (I’ll watch those games only because FSU and Florida are in them.)

Admittedly, the BCS Championship Game is a 5-star event with Notre Dame playing Alabama. The Fiesta matchup of Oregon and Kansas State is another 5-star game. The only games that rank 4 stars from me are the Cotton (Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma) and the Chick-f-la (LSU vs. Clemson). As for the rest, I’ll tune in and out -- maybe. It depends on whether or not I’ve seen the re-runs of NCIS and Castle that are airing elsewhere.

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