Four Round Mock Draft for Jaguars

Dec 13, 2012 -- 2:03pm


By: James Johnson (@J_1010xl)

Back in September I posted my first early 2013 mock draft for the Jaguars here on the blog as the season was just beginning. Now that the picture is much clearer in terms of record and our GM situation I'm here to pick up where I left off with my second mock. Stay tuned as I will continue to update the site with more mocks heading into the future.  


Round 1 (Pick #2) The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Jarvis Jones, OLB Georgia- With a pick this high, the Jaguars need to make it count and get a marquee player to build around (like Alfie Crow of stated on Dempsey's show last week). Soon to be fired GM Gene Smith even admitted that this team lacks talent and Jones is as talented as they come. One could make the argument that he is the best player in the 2013 draft (if he enters), and the Jaguars are simply in no position to pass on talent as they've done in the past. Jones has competed with the best of them in the SEC. Even Alabama knew this kids potential, as they had to double team him at times. The Jags would likely have to swap schemes being that Jones plays in a 3-4  at Georgia. As Alfie Crow also mentioned, the Jags are in the position to do so with 3-4 personnel on the team.


Round 2  The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Mike Glennon, QB N.C. State- I can't stress enough that this team needs talent ALL over the board. By going BAP here they would pretty much fill a need regardless of what position it may be, and this team pretty much has holes everywhere. For that reason, I mocked multiple positions here before I came to decision. I feel like the new GM will likely want his own QB. My problem with that is there aren't many QB's in this draft that I feel have the potential to be a future starter. Of course there's Geno Smith, but he'd be gone at this point. If the Jags beat out Kansas City for the 1st overall pick I could maybe see them grabbing him there, though I'm not completely sold on him. Matt Barkley is overrated to me, as is Tyler Wilson, who reminds me of little of Gabbert in terms of the system he plays in and the throws he's been asked to make in college. Personally, I was a fan of Gabbert in the 2010 draft, but I'm now skeptical on spread QB's (though it's not my decision). However, the Senior Bowl will help make the Jaguars' decision at QB a lot clearer as Smith, Barkley, Wilson and others will participate. That said, Glennon, who will also be in the Senior Bowl, seems to be on the rise as Mel Kiper thinks he's a possible top 15 pick in this draft. No disrespect to Mel, but for now I don't see Glennon going that high. I see him more along the lines of Colin Kaepernick in terms of draft grade as a late 1st to early 2nd round prospect. In terms of skill set and measurables, Glennon is solid. He has great height standing at 6'6 and, when given time to survey the field, he makes great decisions. I could argue if he was surrounded with better talent he'd go higher, probably where Kiper mentioned. The Jaguars should really address their OL situation in free agency as Henne, Gabbert, Geno, Glennon or whoever is the QB on this team in the future will struggle immensely, especially a rookie.


Round 3  The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Mike Gillislee, RB Florida- One position where this draft is deep is at RB. Being that the Jaguars are at the top of the draft order, they will likely have an opportunity here to get a very good RB in the third. They've been riddled with injuries at the RB position since MJD has missed much of the season alongside Rashad Jennings. Seeing as Gillislee is from nearby Deland and plays in the Jaguars backyard at UF, he's likley been scouted by them since his days in High School. He's a great playmaker and I'd expect the Jaguars to show interest in him at the Senior Bowl. He could come in and learn behind MJD, who will be on the last year of his contract and could likely make a deadly tandem which would benefit the team, especially if they start a rookie at QB. Need proof? Just take a look at how rookie Alfred Morris has helped Robert Griffin over in Washington.


Round 4  The Jacksonville Jaguars select: Daniel McCullers, NT Tennessee- If the Jags go with Jones in round one, it would likely mean that they would be switching to a 3-4. As we all know, every 3-4 defense needs an anchor at NT. The 6'8, 360 pound McCullers would add beef to the Jaguars front 3, though he's a very raw prospect. Depending on the Jags defensive coaching staff, this could be a move that could pay off in the long run if they can develop McCullers. They would look for a veteran NT in free agency, which could also help McCullers to develop depending on who it is.

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