The Farm League for Coaches: FSU

Dec 14, 2012 -- 5:14pm


By: Alex Turko @aturko_23

           “Money talks” is one of the most over used clichés, but it’s completely accurate.  Anyone that attempts to disagree with this cliché is either a saint, has very strong morals or is entirely naïve.  The proof is in the pudding.  You rarely see people turn down an opportunity for more money, even if they are comfortable or content at their current position. 


            This has never been more evident than now, as the Seminoles are fighting tooth and nail to retain their current staff.  With other schools coming to Tallahassee and hand pruning their desired coach, Jimbo Fisher is in a fight to find new coaches and keep old ones simultaneously.  When you are in the business of coaching, lateral moves are taken personally, whereas getting a promotion is a positive reflection of the program.  


            Florida State’s former defensive coordinator, Mark Stoops, took the promotion to become the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats in the “mighty SEC.”  Eddie Gran followed his ex-Auburn buddy Tommy Tuberville to Cincinnati as the new offensive coordinator, an upgrade from the running backs coach at FSU.  I can assure you Greg Hudson, the current linebackers coach, will not be a coach for the Noles next year.  It doesn’t stop there for the coaching gauntlet, as Auburn is courting Dameyune Craig to become its receiver’s coach, and Florida International has the Noles offensive coordinator James Coley on their short list to fill the open head coaching position. 


            Is this what it has become?  Is Florida State the collegiate version of the New England Patriots for developing coaches?  Florida State has become the farm league for coaches, as it seems like they are a promotion and a buck away from leaving every week.  I miss the continuity of Mickey Andrews, and the rest of Bobby Bowden’s staff, but is that what we want?  Maybe our coaches being high on the wish list of other programs job openings is a testament to our organization?  Jimbo Fisher must be doing something right otherwise these guys would not be getting promotions.  If there is a positive to this current situation, it is that the guys being brought in clearly are doing a great job otherwise these promotions would not be coming in with such a surge.


            This gives me a lot of confidence in the administrations ability to evaluate good coaches.  Hopefully these vacancies are filled quickly as recruiting season is about to peak, and top prospects need to begin to form relationships with the new coaches.  It would be nice to get these coaching hires in the rearview, but with the limited financial pull that Florida State currently has, one can only hope that FSU’s money talks just as loud as SEC money.   

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