FSU Fans (and Media) Foolish to Overlook NIU

Dec 18, 2012 -- 4:13pm


By: Nick O'Bryan

I tend to read a vast array of articles about many different sports and teams therein.  Because of this I am an overall fan of Bleacher Report and what they do, but I can no longer remain silent about one particular blogger/writer claiming to know FSU Football.  Kevin Brown’s current article is titled, “Why Noles Will Manhandle Fraudulent NIU.”  Let me first address the title of the article.  Any team that wins 12 games IS NOT fraudulent.  I don’t care what conference you are in or who you play, when you win 12 games in a row you are a good team.  Am I saying that I think that they are one of the top tier teams in the country and should be playing in a BCS bowl game? No I am not, but you cannot blame NIU for doing everything they had to do to get where they are.  NIU played into the system that was put in front of them, and my hats off to them for doing so.  So…fraudulent?  I don’t think so sir.

            As the article proceeds, he describes NIU as a, “tiny and untalented team,” and that, “not one player on NIU’s team would crack FSU’s third string depth chart.”  Well, I can tell you one player on their team that would certainly be in our lineup and that would be Jordan Lynch who got more Heisman love late in the game than E.J. Manuel.  2,962 passing yards, with 24 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions for this “untalented” quarterback isn’t too shabby to me.  That’s not Earth shattering in and of itself, but when you add in his 1,771 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns he becomes a dual-threat that should be respected.  My main issue with Mr. Brown is that when you put down a team with school-yard insults and don’t back up any information with facts or statistics, than you just sound like an uninformed fan that enjoys trash talking before a game.

            Growing up going to Florida State games there are things that used to be commonplace; always respect your opponent, and that games are never over until the clock hits 0.00.  The problem with disrespecting your opponent is that if you win, you were supposed to win, but if you lose you look like a fool for downgrading someone that just beat you.  One chant I never understood growing up was the, “OVER-RATED” chant that fans would yell out if beating a higher ranked opponent.  To me, that puts a lot less emphasis on a good team beating a higher ranked team, and more emphasis on the fact that your opponent was never that good in the first place. 

            I would like to finish my rant about someone like Kevin Brown that makes all FSU fans look bad, by simply giving you the title of one of his other articles….“Florida State vs. NC State: Why the Seminoles Will Crush the Wolfpack.”  I definitely thought that FSU was going to win that game as well, but I just thought I would put his credibility on trial while I was at it.  The only thing getting crushed in that game were my hopes of a National Championship. 

            In other notes, Jeremy Pruitt is the new hire for defensive coordinator for the Noles, and so far there is mixed emotion about the decision.  Most of this is probably due more to the fact that Pruitt does not have the longest resume of those on the short list.  In 2006 he was coaching High School ball, so his rise has been fast but if Nick Saban is going to trust his vaunted D-line to Pruitt that is good enough for me.  One of the recurring trends of the Jimbo Fisher staff is recruiting.  What you have in Jeremy Pruitt is a young coach who may not be fully battle tested but has a huge upside.  I tend to think that this is a much better move than that of a few years ago, in which the Noles brought back some throwbacks like Chuck Amato and the like.  Getting young coaches who have big time aspirations gives you hope that incentive will be the motivator for success.

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