NIU Trash Talking Adds Intrigue to Orange Bowl

Dec 28, 2012 -- 11:37am


By: Alex Turko (@aturko_23)


            There is fantastic news this bowl season!  Northern Illinois has made its second consecutive bowl game, and this one is the biggest in the program’s history.  The Northern Illinois Huskies will be taking on the heavily favored Florida State Seminoles in the Orange Bowl on January 1st.    


            For the Huskies, making it to the postseason in back to back years sounds like a great reason to start talking trash doesn’t it?  Well if it doesn’t to you, it sure did for Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch this Thursday.  Maybe Lynch thought that taking shots at the second ranked total defense would boost his manhood, or rally the team behind him in what would be an improbable upset.  Regardless of his reasoning, I find it stupid.  As if this talented defense needs any bulletin board material, or an added reason to lay the lumber to this highly regarded quarterback, you can count on it now.  He has all but set himself up for 4 quarters of trash talk from FSU’s defense has undoubtedly enlarged the target on his back.


            I know that I am the first guy to “water down” the defensive rankings, calling our scheme unaggressive and the statistics “inflated”, but I can’t help but feel as if the Seminoles have an advantage over the Huskies just by sheer talent.  Another point worth noting is that Stoops will not be coaching this game, as his future defensive coordinator in Lexington, D.J. Eliot, will be calling the shots for the defense.  Hopefully Eliot realizes there’s nothing to lose on his behalf and releases the dogs on Lynch. 


               Lynch felt very confident hiding behind his microphone Thursday and said a couple things that he might regret this coming Tuesday, like, “I plan to have them on their knees,” and “they haven’t seen anything like our offense.”  If I’m Jimbo Fisher, this transcribed interview is in the locker of every defensive player, and for Lynch’s sake lets hope that stud defensive end Bjoern Werner didn’t catch wind of these statements. 


            On Tuesday we will find out if Lynch can “walk the walk” as they say, after “talking the talk,” but in the past talking trash only seems to fire up the opponent and has rarely benefitted the person doing the talking.  If I’m a teammate of Lynch I am either saying “Why would you do that to us,” or, I’d rally behind the fact that he doesn’t shy away from competition.  We all know the story of David and Goliath but is Lynch really expecting to take on the role of this biblical underdog?  Only time will tell if he can live up to his own talk, but we do have Lynch to thank for finally drawing some interest to this once dull match-up!

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