2012 a Down Year for SEC Football

Jan 09, 2013 -- 9:43am


The Southeastern Conference completed the 2012 season with a seventh consecutive national championship, a Heisman Trophy winner, and a 6-3 bowl record with wins over Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Michigan and Nebraska. Vanderbilt won a bowl game over a team that beat Florida State in October. Yeah, it was a down year.


Six of the top ten teams in the final BCS standings hailed from the SEC. This is simultaneously the best and worst it's going to get for God's conference. It's no secret that most SEC teams are guilty of padding their resume with a handful of gimme-games every year. This year, however, the top half of the conference benefited from a couple of additional, non-traditional cupcakes.


Tennessee and Auburn were, to put it gently, historically bad. Arkansas, thanks to some interesting circumstances, completely fell apart before things even got started. Kentucky was even worse than normal, and Missouri was what we thought they were (very, very bad at football) when they joined our fair league.


As a result, the average three or four gimme games per year for good teams in the SEC quickly became eight or nine almost automatic wins if your schedule was favorable (hello, Georgia). Beat Vanderbilt/a Mississippi School, win a competitive game or two and pull off an upset (hello, Gators and Aggies), and BAM you're 11-1.

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