Jags Choose David Caldwell to Lead Resurrection

Jan 09, 2013 -- 1:08pm


By: Rob Johnson@RJ1452

With the Jaguars announcing that they have hired David Caldwell to be the new General Manager, fans can take a small breath and relax a little bit.  Thursday's press conference will hopefully reveal more about the man now in charge of the on-field resurrection of the franchise.

Caldwell has a huge task ahead of him, and there are a lot of questions to be answered on Thursday.  However, I don't anticipate a lot of straight-forward answers, but that doesn't concern me.  Caldwell will have to dodge the questions relating to Mike Mularkey, unless the Head Coach is fired today or Thursday.

I find the time of the press conference to be intriguing and perhaps, that is a clue regarding Mularkey.  There is a lot of time between now and 4:00 Thursday for a firing to occur and the public relations talking points to be formulated.

Even though Caldwell spent only one year as the Director Of Player Personnel for the Falcons, he had a hand in building a stellar roster in his previous role as the college scouting department leader beginning in 2008.  If history can be an indication of the future for us, Caldwell will do a great job.

Caldwell's predecessor in Atlanta was Les Snead, who went on to become the General Manager of the Rams in 2012.  Snead appears to have taken all of his good characteristics and scouting skills with him to St. Louis, as the Rams had a tremendous draft last year.  Not only did Snead pick players that contributed to the team immediately, but he also orchestrated a trade-down strategy that positioned the Rams well in the 2013 draft.

Perhaps, that will be the approach of Caldwell, as there is no Andrew Luck or RG3 awaiting the Jags at the number two spot.  Collecting multiple draft choices and choosing quality players is what this franchise needs over the next two years to build the foundation of a championship team, so I anticipate Caldwell doing just that.

The other big question for Caldwell to answer, rather not answer, will be about #15.  Adding additional intrigue to Thursday and beyond is Caldwell's connection to Josh McDaniels through John Carroll University.  Although, McDaniels has no interest in leaving the Patriots and reuniting with Tim Tebow... Right?

Claw Marks

  • I'm very interested in what Shad Khan does and doesn't say on Thursday.
  • A teammate of Caldwell's on the football team at John Carroll was Greg Roman, 49ERS Offensive Coordinator and potential replacement for Mularkey.
  • Other notable graduates of the Division III school in Ohio include London Fletcher and Don Shula.
  • Snead was a pro scout with the Jaguars from 1995 through 1997.

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