General Manger David Caldwell a Cornerstone for Jags Future

Jan 11, 2013 -- 10:46am


By: Rob Johnson (@RJ1452)

The home page background of is nearly perfect for the transformation beginning within the franchise.  The fading, murky picture of Blaine Gabbert, the Tower of London, the jaguar, Big Ben and the other images are right out of a dream sequence from a movie.  Imagine the metamorphosis of a 2-14 team to a "Super Bowl Championship" team.

Yes.  I wrote "Super Bowl Championship."  Those were the words of new General Manager David Caldwell, and they are exactly what I was hoping to hear.  "Super Bowl Championship" must be etched in the minds of everyone associated with the organization.

Forget about just being competitive.  Forget about a 8-8 record.  Forget about just making the playoffs.  Forget about winning the AFC South.

Focus on the only thing that matters in the NFL - Winning the Lombardi Trophy.  This is the mindset of excellence that will propel the Jaguars to a level of success that fans have only dreamed about.

Despite some early nervousness, Caldwell was in control of yesterday's press conference and provided multiple reasons for legitimate optimism.  He provided a glimpse of what he has accomplished and what he wants to implement in Jacksonville.  Most of it sounded tremendous.

His first order of business was to fire Mike Mularkey, which had to be done.  The only way for Caldwell to succeed is for him to hire a head coach that can mesh with him and provide a fresh approach to everything.  Mularkey may be "a great coach" as Shad Khan stated, but he is not the right person to lead the new Jaguars on the field.

The new General Manager refused to discuss his predecessor, and his reference to Khan's auto parts company not making rear view mirrors was priceless.  The future is now, so there is no need for looking back.

Caldwell said that we will see an "open competition" at quarterback, but what remains to be seen is who the participants will be.  Caldwell mentioned that Gabbert is "the second youngest quarterback in the league," so I took that as an indication that #11 will be in the mix.  However, I'm confident that Gabbert will not be competing against only Chad Henne.

When it comes to specifics about other signal callers, Caldwell was emphatic that the most famous, or infamous depending upon your view, potential free agent will not be in Jacksonville later this year.  "I can't imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar" was the sentence twice declared by Caldwell about Tim Tebow.  He added "even if he's released."

While those sentences have alienated a vocal portion of the fan base and some of the general public, Caldwell must be trusted on this and all matters.  I believed Caldwell when he said that he wanted to be in Jacksonville.  He interviewed TWICE with the Jets, at the insistence of Khan by the way, and Caldwell could have stayed with the Falcons until a more attractive situation became available.  Yet, he chose to lead the Jaguars now.  Therefore, we should be "All In" with him.

"Positive, passionate people and players" is what Caldwell stated he wants in the franchise.  The fan base should follow suit for now.  This is a new era for the Jaguars, and Caldwell appears to be the solid cornerstone that the organization needed.

 Claw Marks

  • Caldwell didn't say who he would like to be the next head coach.  Speculation is rampant that 49ERS Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, a teammate of Caldwell's at John Carroll University, is the front-runner.  However, any real news regarding Caldwell's interest in Roman won't come until next week or whenever the 49ERS are eliminated from the playoffs.
  • The Jaguars have asked to speak with St. Louis Rams Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.  Should Caldwell decide to go in that direction, I will be surprised.  While Schottenheimer appears to be highly respected, I'm not convinced he's the right person at this time for the Jaguars.
  • I liked seeing Mark Lamping alongside Khan and Caldwell at the press conference.  His presence reinforced Khan's seriousness about making the Jaguars a major franchise on all levels.
  • I'm hoping Caldwell joins the shows on 1010XL often for interviews in order to communicate with the fans.  The new GM said he believes that "the head coach should be the voice during the season."  That's fine, but Caldwell needs to also be a presence in the media at all times.  I would also like Lamping to do interviews from time to time.

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