Hey Experts! "Shut Up!" Super Bowl preview

Jan 28, 2013 -- 12:06pm


I’m pulling the 49ers in the Super Bowl. But mostly I’m pulling for QB Colin Kaepernick to run the 49ers to the championship.


Because I want to shut up all of those NFL “experts” who are adamant that the only way to win in the NFL is with a quarterback who “plants his foot, reads the field and throws accurate passes”. Hey, I have nothing against the tradition NFL quarterback. You know, the pocket passer who runs only to get away from the rush and who slides the moment he sees a defensive player. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are great. Andrew Luck may be. Drew Brees and Eli Manning are very good. Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Ben Rothlisberger and Jay Cutler are solid.

This isn’t to say that Kaepernick, Robert Griffin, Russell Wilson and Can Newton can’t throw. Sure, to win the NFL you’d better have a quarterback who can make all of the throws. But the fact they can run and are willing to run shouldn’t be considered a major flaw.

I know what the so-called experts say: Running QBs take too many hits and are more likely to be injured. Yeah, that’s true, but this is football. By the way, QBs are injured standing in the pocket all of time.

I just want to see the NFL be willing to make changes. If these so-called experts had been around 100 years ago we never have invented the forward pass. And yeah, NFL defensive coaches will figure out a way to slow down the new-wave read option. Smart offensive coaches will then find new wrinkles to add to the read option. That’s the way it has always worked, isn’t it?

So when I settle down to watch Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans between the 49ers and the Ravens I hope I see Kaepernick run wild . . . right past Ray Lewis and all the way to the podium to get the Lombardi Trophy.

And while I’m thinking about it, here’s wishing good luck to new Eagles Coach Chip Kelly. I might become an Eagles fan if Kelly brings with him that fast paced Oregon offense that features a running QB and has success.

Mainly, I want to see the NFL coaches willing to make changes and, of course, I want to shut up those overbearing experts. 

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