Another Call for a Super Bowl Monday Holiday

Jan 30, 2013 -- 11:33am


Today’s topics are about making Super Bowl Monday a holiday, the new Jaguars coaches and being tired of hearing about the Lakers.

Every year I write about making the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday and I’m not going to stop until the folks in Washington, D.C. come to their senses (sic) and do it.

I’m not trying to get the American work force another day off – although that would be okay. Let’s drop Memorial Day or Labor Day and replace it with Super Day Monday. Why? Because so little gets done anyway.

Research has shown the Monday after the Super Bowl  is one of the most popular days for workers calling in sick. That same research shows the day ranks with the least productive days of the year.

Super Bowl Sunday has become America’s No. 1 party day. Yeah, a bigger party day than even New Year’s Eve. Basically, America stops just about everything else and gathers to watch the game and party. The beer, whiskey and sodas flow from coast to coast. The chips and salsa, chicken wings, nachos, etc. are consumed by the tons.

Super Bowl Monday is a day for rest and recovery, not work.


Are Gus Bradley and the team of assistants he’s hired the right coaches to turn around the Jaguars? Maybe, but probably not.

This isn’t criticism of Bradley and his staff because I believe they are good coaches. In fact, it has always been my theory that coaches in all pro sports fall into three categories with similar percentages of competency: 5 percent are special, 90 percent are good and 5 percent are stinkers.

Teams have to be lucky to hire the special ones because there’s no formula for their success. Teams with lousy leadership hire the stinkers. The others succeed or fail based on the horses they’re given to ride.

In other words, it is, indeed, about the Johnnys and Joes and not the Xs and Os.

With the current Jaguars roster, a combination of Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Chuck Noll and Bill Belichick would fail. So unless Bradley is one of those rare special coaches Jaguars had better make the right calls in free agency and the draft for the next couple of years or the Jaguars will be in the market for a new coach in the near future


The NBA season is several games into its second half and, frankly, I’m tired of hearing about the Los Angels Lakers. Yes, Kobe Bryant is still a great player, but its clear Dwight Howard is a pouting, immature punk, Pau Gasol has seen his best days and Steve Nash is understandably past his prime at 38.

This is not a great Lakers team as some experts thought before the season. This, in fact, isn’t even a good team. In addition to the problems I’ve already addressed, the Lakers have a dreadful bench.  As I write this, 16 of the NBA’s 30 team have a better record than the Lakers. This isn’t to say the Lakers will miss the playoffs. Hell, every team, it seems, makes the playoffs. 

What I am saying is you’d have to be an idiot not to understand these Lakers aren’t going to suddenly turn into the Show Time Lakers of Magic and Kareem. So I’m asking the national sports media to stop shoving the Lakers down our throats and tell us why the Grizzles, Nuggets and Warriors are playing so well.

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