Clowney, Porn and Gabbert

Feb 15, 2013 -- 9:15am


I don’t pretend to understand how Jadeveon Clowney must feel. Unfortunately for me, there’s no multi-million-dollar payday in my future. But from the outside looking in I can only feel sadness that the changing world for premier athletes has come down to this.

There is speculation Clowney is considering not playing this season for South Carolina out of fear of an injury that he could costs him being a high NFL draft choice – maybe No. 1 overall – in April of 2014. Obviously other star college athletes have such concerns, but the spotlight is now on Clowney, a freakishly superb pass-rusher, in light of last week’s injury suffered by Kentucky basketball star Nerlens Noel. Speculation that Noel would be the No. 1 pick in this year’s NBA draft is now being reexamined.

Could Clowney being injured during the upcoming season? Of course he could. Is he only playing college football at South Carolina as a stepping stone to the NFL? Probably.

More likely is he could be in a serious car wreck. Or he could be hit crossing the street. Living life in a bubble seems like a sad way to live.


This is an exciting week for boys, young and old. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue has hit the streets.

For decades the annual Swimsuit issue has been SI’s most popular and most controversial issue, and with good reasons. I don’t need to do a lot of research to know most guys love looking at beautiful women in seductive poses wearing almost nothing. And don’t think for a moment the SI Swimsuit issue is about swimsuits or sports or even the beautiful locales where the photo shoots are taken.

We’re talking about soft pornography, plain and simple. The incredible thing about the issue’s popularity is we now live in a nation where we’re surrounded by soft porn. Check out TV commercials. Listen to sit-coms. Soft porn is everywhere.

No one has ever called me a prude, but count me among those who give SI a thumbs down for disguising porn in a sports magazine read by young and old. There are plenty of men’s magazines to satisfy anyone who desires to see pictures of beautiful women who are wearing little or no clothing.


There’s growing unrest among Jaguars fans that they’ll see more of the same in 2013 in spite of the sweeping changes in the front office and the coaching staff. That means having Blaine Gabbert under center again.

The concern comes from comments by new general manager Dave Caldwell and new coach Gus Bradley that they see a lot of positives in Gabbert and, more importantly, potential for improvement.

My advice to Jags fans is to relax. Think about it: What else are they going to say? Are they going to say Gabbert stinks when they don’t know what their options are? They’re not going to tell us if they’re working hard to make a deal for a veteran free agent quarterback. They’re not going to tell us if they think there’s a QB in the draft who’ll be this year’s Russell Wilson.

Stroking Gabbert’s ego and boosting his confidence is the only thing that makes sense right now even if Caldwell and Bradley are trying desperately to find his replacement.

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