Ray Lewis Pushing Me Away from ESPN

Mar 15, 2013 -- 10:06am


I’ll watch less of ESPN, particularly its NFL coverage, because the network has hired Ray Lewis. When he appears on the screen I’m changing channels. I’m the first to admit I’m a bit obsessed in my dislike of Lewis, who was a great linebacker and is a greater hypocrite.

The word hypocrite also fits ESPN. The network has been known to fire on-air personalities for the slightest verbal slip-ups and run-ins with the law. ESPN wears political correctness like a king’s crown. Remember a couple of months back when it issued an apology because Brent Musburger raved about Katherine Webb’s beauty during the BCS Championship Game?

Yet in hiring Lewis ESPN overlooked his admitted link to a double murder in 2000 in Atlanta during Super Bowl. An ESPN spokesman said, “Ray paid his debt to society.” (For the record, Lewis pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor obstruction of justice and received probation and fines.)

I understand ESPN is in the business to make money and thinks Lewis will attract viewers. They obviously expect him to be outspoken and entertaining. (I wonder if he’ll scream and dance before every appearance?) I realize ESPN has the right to hire Lewis or anyone else for that matter. And I’m guessing other networks tried to hire hm.

I also know I have the right to change the channel.



Any time you talk about another person’s injury or surgery you’re treading on thin ice. As I learned years ago, minor surgery is something others have, major surgery is what you undergo.

I bring this up because of the puzzling story about Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, a former NBA player of the year. Rose had surgery on his left knee ACL 10 months ago. Doctors have declared him healed. Even Rose admits he feels fine physically.

But he continues to sit and says he’s unsure when he’ll return to action. He says he may sit out the entire season. He says he’s not mentally ready to play.

To complicate matters, his brother was quoted several weeks ago saying Derrick wasn’t happy with his supporting cast although the Rose-less Bulls are 5th in the NBA East. Derrick denies whining about his teammates.

Is Rose a wimp? Is he the victim of NFL MVP Adrian Peterson’s incredible return eight months after major knee surgery? Is Rose stealing money from the Bulls? Is he truly a mental wreck?

I don’t know whether to blast Rose or defend him.

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