Clint Trickett Released from Scholarship

Apr 18, 2013 -- 1:58pm

By: Nick O'Bryan (@doorstepJAX)

If you are concerned about the recent development of Clint Trickett leaving the Noles, you should stop.  Personally, my main concern after the spring game was that Trickett, though a seasoned quarterback at this point, would never again take the field as an FSU quarterback.  This situation is like having too many nice cars in your driveway, so the Mercedes Benz gets left out.  It’s a good problem!  Don’t believe me?  Ask any Gator fan who the backup quarterback is over there in Gainesville.  I promise a frown will come across their face, and you will see despair in their eyes.

As I explained in previous entries, I personally don’t believe that Clint Trickett was ever meant to be the starting quarterback at Florida State.  He progressed farther than most people thought, and from what I hear he has a great understanding of the game.  Perhaps he is a future quarterbacks coach, but it is hard to beat out a guy for the starting spot who is a 5 star recruit, and has the ideal size and physical strength the position demands.  I think we can all agree as Seminole fans that we really like Trickett as a person.  He is a great kid, and I hope he goes somewhere and has a great year.  (As long as it’s not someone we play)

The other concern is that Clint’s father, Rick Trickett, may not be too happy about this and raise some hell.  Well, to me Coach Trickett has a lot bigger things he needs to be worried about.  As I wrote in my previous blog post, if the O-line doesn’t have a good year then Florida State will be going in a different direction.  The lack of recruiting that has been done by Coach Trickett may end up being the reason for his departure from FSU; UNLESS the line can hold, stay healthy and perform well this year.  If that happens…well, as Tiger says, “winning fixes everything.”

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