Jaguars Complete Seven Round Mock Draft

Apr 24, 2013 -- 8:30am


By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)
Mock drafts are much like opinions these days - everyone seems to have one. When it comes to the NFL, I am no different than anyone else. While my assessment of players chosen in Thursday’s draft may not be on par with the Kiper’s and McShay’s of the media world, I would like to think some of my prognostications do make sense.
It’s not everyday you can use a scrabble word like “prognostication” in the same article as a mock draft. My high school English teachers would be proud (yes, Hacker, I went to Wolfson as well).
While there is plenty of reasons to take any number of players on the draft board (and the Jaguars major need is in the secondary) look for the Jaguars to draft big men early and fill in gaps possibly at the end of the draft for role players and depth.
Here is a look at all seven selections for the Jaguars this weekend.

Round 1, Selection 2: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan. There is nothing wrong with this pick. Fisher is a solid, solid selection. I am a firm believer you put your five best offensive linemen out there regardless of position and let them do what they are paid to do - block. Fisher makes this offensive line better.

Round 2, Selection 33: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M. Moore was once linked to the Jaguars in the first round. Moore also gives the Jags a pass rushing threat. Moore can also play inside and can be used in various defensive schemes. His versatility makes him a nice choice.

Round 3, Selection 64: Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee. This is a “Hacker” pick. At 6’7” Bray is huge and can stand tall in the pocket. While I am hoping the team looks long and hard at someone like EJ Manuel, but I suspect he will be gone at the end of the first round and Jacksonville is not in a position to trade back into the first round. Bray could be a steal with his cannon arm.

Round 4, Selection 98: Tyrann Mathieu, DB, LSU. The biggest gamble in the draft comes to Jacksonville. If he is a wonder like he was at LSU, the “Honey Badger” will play strong in the secondary and help on special teams. If he flops, then the team loses a fourth-round pick and nothing more.

Round 5, Selection 135: Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida. While he was the workhorse at Florida last season, he is still a question mark about his durability. Can he be a powerful back in the NFL? With the Jags having Justin Forsett backing up Maurice Jones-Drew, Gillislee can learn the NFL and be used in the right situations at the goal line and on special teams.

Round 6, Selection 169: Travis Bond, Guard, North Carolina. This is a solid, late round pick. Bond was part of a good offensive line for the Tar Heels. At 339 pounds, he is a huge grader. The return of Will Rackley and Mike Brewster with the addition of Bond gives this team young strength for the next five seasons.

Round 7, Selection Kayvon Webster, CB, Central Florida. He did not play against elite competition, but Webster has some talent. Webster, should he make the team, will be a good backup and provide depth on the back line and solid special teams player.

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