Jaguars New Uniforms Almost Perfect

Apr 24, 2013 -- 8:41am


By: Rob Johnson (@RJ1452)

For those of you that have been reading my blogs from the beginning, you know that I try to bring different perspectives to what we see on and off the field in Jacksonville.  I even wrote about the fashion choices of Mike Mularkey during his midweek press conferences.

With that in mind, here are my thoughts about the new Jaguars uniforms.

Close...  Oh, so close.  The Jags had a chance to make their new uniforms perfect, but fell just short of that goal.

There is a lot to like about the new uniforms.  Perhaps, the best feature is the patch that honors the military.  This extension of the dedication to show respect for the Jacksonville-area military community is tremendous.

I'm a huge fan of NIKE and what they have created for the Oregon Ducks football program, so I had high hopes for what the ultimate athletic brand would design for the Jaguars.  For the most part, I am not disappointed, at least not with the jerseys and pants.

Teal, gold and black are a combination of colors that can be extremely enchanting when blended properly.  I think NIKE and the Jags did a good job with the three unique ingredients.  Also, I'm glad that when a new logo was revealed earlier this year the Jags did not deviate from the original colors.

The styling of the jerseys and pants are terrific.  When the multiple options of the tops and bottoms are coordinated correctly, the Jaguars can be the best-looking team on the field, at least from a fashion perspective.  As for the play on the field, I'll cover that in many more blogs this year.

Of all the uniform options displayed yesterday, the black on black is the best.  The white on white should be abolished.  That goes for every NFL team.  No one looks good in all-white.

White pants with black jerseys and white pants with teal jerseys are acceptable but not ideal.  There's just something about being able to see jock straps that is a negative for me.

I would like to see the Jags wear teal and/or gold pants with the white jerseys and as an alternate for the black jerseys, but those are not options.  I also think that black pants would be the best compliment for the teal jerseys.

Teal jerseys with teal pants might also work on a limited basis.  However, that look would require a different helmet.

As for the helmets, I'm not sure these are going to grow on me.  I like the concept of using two colors.  I don't like the Jaguars selection of colors.  Because of this, I would have preferred a one-color helmet.

Possibly, an all-gold helmet, if it was the right gold, would work.   I would also like to have seen a teal option.  The right style of teal could have been amazing.  In both cases, I'm thinking a metallic sparkle would have been great.

Overall, the uniform change is good and what it represents is even better.  This is a new team, a new franchise and a new beginning.

Regardless of what the players are wearing, winning is all that matters.  Another key step in that process begins Thursday, as the new regime makes choices to rebuild the roster.

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