The Future of Jacksonville Football is Now

Apr 25, 2013 -- 9:56am


By: Davied Levin (@davidlevin71)

What do the Jacksonville Tea Men, the Jacksonville Suns and the Jacksonville Sharks all have in common? They all have won a championship in Jacksonville before the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While we all love our sports here on the First Coast, football is king and everything else takes a back seat.

Long before this was an “NFL” town, we were still a football town, having the Gator Bowl on New Year’s Day and the annual Florida/Georgia Game. We were teased by NFL franchises like Houston, New Orleans and Baltimore who all “thought” about bringing their brand of ball to north Florida. They all got new stadium deals.

Jacksonville had always played second fiddle. Even with the USFL, there was excitement in having a team play nine home games a year, but it still was not the NFL.

Now, there is the NFL and now is the time to be the powerhouse in the NFL. While it will still take this team three years to rebuild and retool, this is the time to realise our dreams will become reality. Forget the ideas of 1996 and 1999 where we left it on the field and did not finish business. Players like Tony Boselli, Tony Brackens, Fred Taylor and Kevin Hardy (you are welcome, Hacker) did not find the gold ring at the end of the rainbow. Everything stops now.

This is an organization where coaches and players have walked or been released or been traded and their excelled somewhere else. We need to stop being the team fans love to boo and instead of being Jaguar, we become "Baguars". We need pride in our team, a healthy dose of thick skin and of course, an understanding this is Gus Bradley’s first stint as a head coach as well. Both coach and team will grow up together. I personally think there is more talent on the offense and the offensive line than most think, but we still need to see Eric Fisher’s name be called with the second pick in this draft.

We are a proud football town, entrenched for the long haul and all we ask is that we be given a ray of hope and a chance to see a winning product. We need to stop worrying about “Blame Gabbert” and worry more about how the running game will work if Maurice Jones-Drew cannot run until August.

What I am trying to say is now is the time to really see if this team will be a team of destiny or a team of afterthought.

I am hoping for the sooner and praying against the later. Hopefully, all Jaguars fans are doing the same.

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