Hoping Jags Fans Show Support at Minicamp

May 03, 2013 -- 9:11am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)


David Caldwell did what he said. Gus Bradley has shown a fire in his belly that is contagious. Shad Khan is committed to making this the best franchise in the NFL.

Now it’s the fans’ turn to show support.

While it is only a mini-camp for rookies and undrafted free agents it is more than that to this community. It’s a fresh start, a new hope. It’s football, the one thing that we as a community can live with together, a common ground of sorts. A bond, and like 31 other franchises, it is exclusive.

When training camp opens today and lasts through Sunday, we as the fans must do our part. We must show our support, get behind our rookies, show them this is the place to be-- the greatest football city in America.

We aren’t Titletown. We aren’t Irving, Texas. Heck, we aren’t even a Big Sombrero. We are the fans who live on the St. Johns River, love our city, support college football, have a real affinity with high school sports and LOVE OUR JAGUARS.

While it sounds syrupy sweet (and it is to some extent), this is a town that needs to be a little Rah Rah over this and act like its a high school game of the week. There has been too much negativity over the course of three seasons. Finally, the Jaguars have gotten it right.

A new roster, a new coach, a new front office. Even the colors are new.

Forget Justin Blackmon for one weekend. Forget the issues at quarterback for one weekend. Like an old movie once said, “If you cannot be an athlete, then be an athletic supporter.”

Right now, this town needs a pick-me-up. Khan and the boys have done a great job of making this a football-friendly experience. We need to show up in droves this weekend and give something back that is not tangible in the sense of money or tickets or materialism. Support is free and unconditional and for the football fan, sacred.

The Jaguars deserve that. When the walk on the field, they should see hundreds of us - the team gave us something, we need to pay it forward.

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