A Changing World

May 17, 2013 -- 8:58am


Part 1.

I find the older you get the more difficult it is to accept change. I suppose that’s true for most people. I’m not talking good or bad and right or wrong. I’m simply saying change isn’t always easy to understand or accept.

The world of sports has provided recent examples of what I’m talking about.

Athletes are mocked for talking about religion but are celebrated for talking about their sexual preference. TV cameras usually turn away quickly when an athlete brings up God, but Jason Collins becomes a media hero and gets a phone call from the president of the United States for revealing he’s gay.

Athletes who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are seen as victims and are sent to rehab and given second chances. A player, defensive tackle Kyle Love, was diagnosed with Type II diabetes this week and was almost immediately released by the New England Patriots. Love, an undrafted player in 2010, had started 14 games in his two seasons in the NFL. His release has been nothing more than a blip on the media radar.

Journalism, once a proud profession, is now often driven by twitter. Major stories are broadcast and printed based on the spontaneous, 140-character thoughts of athletes and fans with no fact checking.

A changing world indeed.

Part 2.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a helluva running back, but when it comes to leadership he gets an F.

MJD’s stance on his troubled teammate Justin Blackmon is to blame everyone but Blackmon and make excuses for the Jaguars wide receiver. The media, according to MJD, has blown this story out of proportion. Besides, according to MJD, it isn’t easy being young, rich and famous.

Absolutely MJD has a point. Who in his or her right mind wants to be young, rich and famous? The hardships must be overwhelming.

Seriously, I do understand the potential pratfalls facing someone such as Blackmon. I also know most people in Blackmon’s situation handle their lives better. I also understand Blackmon may be sick.

But coddling Blackmon by making excuses for him isn’t the answer. MJD should know that.

He would know that if he was anywhere near as good a teammate and leader as he is a running back.

Part 3.

Just in case you were wondering, Danica Patrick is still driving around in circles as part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit. You can spot her green Chevy somewhere near the back.

It seems like eons ago that Patrick was taking bows for winning the Daytona 500 pole and finished 8th in the race. Just about everyone in NASCAR racing was singing her praises as a legitimate competitor on stock car racing’s top circuit.

And the TV networks’ morning shows couldn’t get enough Danica. They were thrilled to talk about another barrier being torn down.

Trouble is, by NASCAR standards, Patrick can’t drive her way out town, much less beat even the journeymen who make up the back third of the fields in Sprint Cup races even though she has excellent equipment.

I have no problem with a woman in NASCAR. I simply want one who earns her way there.   

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