Is it Time for Jaguars to Leave EverBank Field?

Jun 10, 2013 -- 8:43am

By: Tim White (@The_Motley_Jag)

I think that it is time that the Jaguars and this community realize the team needs to build an entirely new sports complex on the south side of town.

Leave EverBank Field to the Gator Bowl Committee and let them wonder how to fill it the other 50 weeks of the year.

The current stadium and its location were fine when we were awarded the Jaguars, but the time has come to relocate the stadium to the south side of town on a fifty to one-hundred acre parcel of land that will house everything to do with the Jaguars: the offices, practice facility, parking garages, and new state of the art stadium.

EverBank has served its purpose, but the size of the facility is now, and has been, a problem for the team for some time. The original capacity of EverBank Field as requested by Wayne Weaver was proposed to be 64,000, but it is 20,000 more than that because of the annual Florida Georgia game. That requirement makes EverBank Field the seventh largest facility in the NFL. So had we done what Wayne Weaver proposed at the beginning, we would have lost the annual college rivalry, but the issue regarding attendance surrounding our Jags would most likely never have come up.

I even have a location picked out for where the new facility should be, it should be located north of Nocatee Parkway, west of the Intracoastal Waterway, east of Philips Highway and south of I-295. The relocation of the stadium would solve every concern surrounding the team. It would allow for a better fan experience by having a new stadium, it would solve parking and traffic issues and most importantly, it would show the NFL and everyone else who says that we are moving to London, that no, we are not, the Jaguars have a home and it is in Jacksonville, Florida.

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