MoJo Meets the Media

Jun 11, 2013 -- 11:02am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

At this point last year Jaguars’ fans were chastising Maurice Jones-Drew for complaining about his contract situation. This year, fans have more serious issues to be concerned about.

Finally, the star running back opened his mouth and met with the media on Monday concerning his recovery from foot surgery and although it was meager at best, Jones-Drew talked about the situation concerning himself and a nightclub security guard that has led to the St. Johns County State Attorney’s Office now having to decide if the alleged action.

At least he said something.

I know this is an ongoing investigation, but MJD owed us an explanation about what happened. He still owes the team and the organization a huge apology. And he still has to continuing rehabbing his foot so he will be ready for training camp and the start of the season.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” Jones-Drew said, in a story on “Through my career, I’ve tried to stay out of the media in [a negative] light and as a distraction to this team.”

Right now, neither MJD or the Jaguars need distractions and this certainly will be one.

When Jones-Drew met the media on Monday, he said specifically what was on his mind. He has never been afraid of mincing words. This situation was no different. While he said he could not speak about the investigation, he did say he was sorry this affected his teammates and the Jaguars organization.

“This is a big distraction and I never wanted it to be that,” he said, as part of the Ryan O’Halloran story. “I never want to be a distraction to this team, period. … About the attention on it, I’m obviously disappointed in that. Not only has it affected the team, it’s affected my family.”

This will continue to be a hot topic since MJD is in town for the team’s mandatory mini camp. Even if he were in Miami, as he has been with rehabilitation, it would be on the minds of locals and the media.

There doesn’t need to be another distraction. Enough already.

“My plan is to be ready for training camp,” Jones-Drew also said in the online story. “Speaking to the doctors and [general manager] Dave [Caldwell], I don’t know if I’ll be on the field that day. But my plan is to be on the field going full speed and running and making cuts.”

And he needs to remember what he did off the field could have a greater impact on his teammates than what he does on the field in the next two months.

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