MJD's Head in Right Place

Jun 12, 2013 -- 8:13am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

Maybe we should focus on what Maurice Jones-Drew said at his press conference on Monday rather than what he didn’t say. He said he lost some weight and was running and doing things to get himself ready for the upcoming season. That should make everyone in the Jaguars organization happy. It should put a smile on the face of head coach Gus Bradley. It should ease the cloud hanging over him in the “on going” battery investigation. It should make David Caldwell, the team’s general manager, feel better about MJD’s status and whether or not the team needs to sign another running back to the roster. It should also put a smile on fans faces and most importantly, team owner Shad Khan.
What we should focus on is the fact MJD wanted to talk about football, not the obvious and certainly not about what things have shadowed his life lately.
In this case, as it has been said by many other sports writers with vast more knowledge than I have, this is a case of “he said, he said” with one of the sides in the alleged “incident” telling  a huge lie. When he sat there at the presser, despite what I or anyone else looking for a huge scoop was interested in, all he wanted to talk about was football.
Should we have expected anything else?
This is what Jones-Drew is being paid for. This is what fans come to games to see him for. This is the star player we want to hear from, not the man who at some point will have to explain what he was doing at a nightclub when an alleged fight broke out.
Maybe we (or I) have lost focus on the fact Jones-Drew is a football player first for this franchise. Maybe “we” should realize he is human as well and deserves a chance to concentrate on football first. As he said, while his teammates were busting their humps here in Jacksonville, he was trying to do the same thing in south Florida.
Yes, there is still some pain in his “healing” process as he told reporters, but that is to be expected. He can change what is in front of him. He cannot change what has happened. He must rely on communication with his teammates, his franchise and his close friends and family. Everything else must take care of itself.
Right now, Maurice Jones-Drew wants to concentrate on football. And right now, we should, too.

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