Jaguars Mt. Rushmore

Jun 18, 2013 -- 9:35am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

If I had to choose my Mt. Rushmore of the NFL it might take some thinking, but I know I would have Jerry Rice and Walter Payton on it. The other two spots are debatable and I may argue with half a dozen or more sports writers over who the other two spots on the side of the mountain should go to.

By the way, Joe Montana would probably be third and then we would really get into semantics as I would fight hard to keep Brett Favre off the sculpture. Anyone who knows me knows I am a Dan Marino guy, but he doesn’t deserve a place on the sculpture.

The reason I bring up the subject is that the NFL Network is doing its version of revisionist history, asking who would make up the Mt. Rushmore of all 32 teams. And while the Jaguars may not be the team with a rich history in its 18 years in the league, it could be argued there would be some fighting amongst fans and possibly local media over who would belong on the side of the mountain or the side of the EverBank Building on the north bank of the St. John’s river.

Let me take all the debate away from everyone and make a case for these six players who deserve a chance to represent the Jaguars as the team’s best ever. After that, you all can talk amongst yourselves over should be dropped and who should be kept.

Tony Boselli: There is no debate on this one. The team’s first overall draft pick and the best offensive tackle in the league when he was in his prime. When he and Bruce Smith went head-to-head in the AFC Divisional playoffs in 1996, it was the best effort of any offensive lineman I had ever seen and remains one of the most talked about confrontations of all time.

Fred Taylor: He went from “Fragile Fred” to freaking unbelievable Fred with one play --- 90 yards in the 1999 AFC Divisional Playoffs. He single-handedly retired Dan Marino 62-7. Taylor is a dancer who could sprint from a dead stop and then run to daylight. He was a 1998 first round pick from Florida (Thank you, Rob Johnson) and is considered one of the best all-time. Jim Brown once said Taylor was the best back he had ever seen play.

Mark Brunell: He was and is the best passer to ever wear teal. He is also one of the best left-handed quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Brunell was unseated by Byron Leftwich and spent time in Washington, New Orleans and New York. He won a Super Bowl ring with the Saints.

Donovan Darius: No one has hit anyone in the secondary like Darius over the years. The “other” draft pick in 1998 from Syracuse, Darius was a mainstay in the defensive backfield and a team leader. He is now working with teens and kids to improve themselves. Darius (along with Rashean Mathis) helped the Jaguars in a division with the likes of Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

Brad Meester: He does not get the media coverage that he deserves, but this tenured Jaguar is the rock of the offensive line and a leader on the team in general. Meester has played more games than any other Jaguar and will again play center for the team this season, in what could be his last in the NFL.

Keenan McCardell: While Jimmy Smith will never be on this list or on the “Pride of the Jaguars,” McCardell is one of the best possession receivers to ever play. He was “Robin” to Smith’s “Batman” in the heydays of this team. It could be argued that McCardell was more important to the success of this team because he could move chains and was Brunell’s short route receiver.

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