Updates from SEC Media Days

Jul 19, 2013 -- 9:40am

By: Dan Hancock (@danhancock78)

Day Two of the 2013 SEC Media Days was much like the film "Saving Private Ryan." From the opening scene we sat and witnessed some of the most entertaining and action-packed moments to be crammed into ten minutes of film. Then we were left to watch a bunch of no names wandering around bombed up Europe looking for someone named Ryan. Not sure if that was his first or lt name. That's private.

Day Two was similar.

Action! Manziel takes his cue and fields questions for around 10 minutes. There weren't many bombshells flying, but there was plenty of shrapnel floating around. If Johnny Football was Johnny 'Merica, he'd be on a U-boat in 1942, dodging bullets left and right. The sights were set firmly upon him, but it seemed the only ones getting hit were his teammates and Manning Camp roommates. AJ McCarron may earn a Purple Heart for his service. 

After the day's intro, we went from epic to anemic. After a session of Manziel testifying that he's young, fun, and enjoys life, as well as youthful, energetic, and thrill seeking, we were left with the new meat of the SEC. Coach Speak was the flavor of the afternoon. I think there was a manual written and left in each coach's hotel room. There must be a sports division of the Gideons. The rest of the day's events went from storming Normandy Beach to canoeing On Golden Pond. New Arkansas head coach, Bret Bielema provided some entertainment and quality discussion points, but he drove on the edge of awkward for most of his allotted time. I said it yesterday, I'll repeat it today: Avoid eye contact and DO NOT poke the bear! Bielema is definitely passionate and is a good football coach. I'm not sure how he'll be with the media, especially when faced with adversity. My gut tells me he'll be fun to watch...for all the wrong reasons.

New Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn spoke from his own book of coach speak. He simply avoided it. He talks as fast about his plan as he called plays at Auburn when he was their offensive coordinator. He has a plan. He hopes to run a 2:00 offense throughout the game. I hope the defense can keep up. Chip Kelly may even be thinking, "Dang! Even at Oregon we slowed down every now and then." Players that I spoke to credit head Strength & Conditioning Coach Kevin Yoxall with providing them with the best opportunity to get better and restore the winning tradition at Auburn. 

Like many movies that don't make the mark, we sit through it thinking how this could be better. We'd want better actors, better scripts, better anything, On Day Two, much of the media, myself included, looked forward to better. We want names: Les Miles, Mark Richt, and Nick Saban. They'd be here on Day Three. For every one question composed for the coaches of Day Two, two or three were also created for those of Day Three. The Trilogy lives on. Many people consider Return of the Jedi the greatest of the series. If ever there was a Jedi in the SEC, Nick Saban may be the one. The force is strong with him. Stay tuned and keep following my Twitter feed to keep updated with all of the best from Day 3.

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