Pressure on Cecil Shorts

Jul 31, 2013 -- 10:44am

By: Connor Perez (@connorperez)

With a struggling offense about to take the field this season, who will step up?

            My bet is on the dynamic wide receiver, Cecil Shorts III. With 55 catches, 979 yards and average of 17.8 yards per catch with Henne throwing the ball, this wide receiver is due for another breakout season.

            I understand that the quarterback situation in Jacksonville might affect Shorts’ success in 2013, but I believe Cecil can be the consistent target for whoever gets the starting job.

            979 yards speaks volumes to any football analyst. The only reason he didn’t reach 1000 yards was due to his concussions in the latter half of the season and an IR situation he had to deal with.

            I bet he’s still frustrated over that, and I know he’s probably heard all of the criticism for his vulnerability concerning his concussions. Many fans were upset that he was “cleared to play,” but never took to the field.

            I think Cecil Shorts III can go for over 1100 yards this season, barring any setbacks in the quarterback situation. If the Jaguars have a definitive quarterback for the start of the season, Cecil can adjust to the style and play of who is under center and make the most of it.

            Justin Blackmon is out for the first four games, therefore making Cecil Shorts a bigger target in the beginning of the season. The guy is a stud so far in Training Camp, making diving catches and fantastic plays. I think he is for real this year, and should be seen as a long-term asset as well. Against Kansas City, he will be up against their number one defensive-back, which will be either Brandon Flowers or Sean Smith. Both are fantastic corners. But, I believe Shorts III will still stand out and have a great first game with around 85 receiving yards and at least one touchdown against a defense with six Pro Bowlers in 2012.

            By the end of the 2013 season, Cecil Shorts III will be a top-five wide receiver in the league, a Jaguars receiving record, and have most popular jersey sold in EverBank. 

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