Not All Bad in Another Loss

Sep 16, 2013 -- 9:49am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

The score looked better, but it was still a loss. The passing game looked better, but it was only better in the fourth quarter and it was still a loss. The running game started to look better before the Maurice Jones-Drew ankle injury, but it was still a loss.

The defense recorded three sacks, but it was still a loss.

There is a common theme to this blog, as you can tell, and no this is not a reason to jump ship. I am actually feeling better about this loss for many reasons. By now, you must think there is something odd to my words, but in reality, the Jaguars played a better brand of football this week in many areas but others (like the offensive line) really need help.

What happens now for the Jaguars. The Seahawks are next up on the schedule and if you and I think the Jags have any chance in Seattle (we lost the last time we were there 41-3) then I have some great land to sell you in the Everglades.

The positives from this game - Chad Henne proved he could move a two minute offense down the field in the final quarter and reach the end zone. Where was this the entire game? Oakland did not blow the roof off its home stadium and there were chances for the Jaguars to score more points. This was only a 10-point loss. His 274 yards and a touchdown were a much better improvement over Blaine Gabbert’s from last week.

Cecil Shorts and Ace Sanders make a nice pair of receivers and actually looked like them in the fourth quarter. Clay Barbour may be a real find at tight end,

And now the bad...

The offensive line only gave up five sacks, but it needs to play stronger and more cohesively together. Luke Joeckel is still in need of help and the guard play needs to be better. Oakland was able to rush right up the middle all game long.

Darren McFadden looked like he did in college at Arkansas. We could not stop anyone running the football on Sunday, and that includes quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

If I take anything away from the game this weekend, it is Gus Bradley was able to make adjustments and the team seemed to be better, if only a little bit. I think they call that progression, but it is all about to fall apart again on the west coast. Seattle did not play well Sunday night and well, bullies on the playground who want milk money don’t have two bad days in a row. I hate to see the betting line on this game.

If MJD is hurt more than a sprain and the offensive line still has holes like swiss cheese - it’s a long afternoon.

And then again, I will be back here asking all of you, “What Happens Next?”

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