Slow Start, Dynamic Finish vs. Nevada

Sep 16, 2013 -- 4:15pm

By: Nick O'Bryan (@doorstepjax)

You may have been a bit concerned if you were watching what seemed to be a sluggish start for the Noles in the home opener in Tallahassee this weekend.  That concern was short lived and soon the true depth of the Florida State roster would be on display for the majority of the game.  So...what did we learn this weekend, and what can we take away moving forward?


-Touchdowns by 4 separate running backs, one of which is a former DB in Karlos Williams.  When you see that he is 6’1 223 lbs. you may think that he would be a true threat up the middle as a punisher, much like a fullback.  However, Williams as a high school sprinter showed that a big man can pull away with the best of them which he did on his first ever carry, pulling down a 64 yard TD run.

-         Jameis Winston throws an interception.  Yes, this is a positive when you look over the length of a game.  It is important to have someone as amazing and yet young as Winston is to keep a level and grounded approach.  Winston fell into rhythm in the second quarter and ran the offense with 2 TD passes, a rushing TD, and not a single incomplete pass after the second quarter. 

-         A balanced attack.  Nothing can help Jameis Winston in the passing game like developing and utilizing an effective run game.  This seemed a bit sluggish against Pitt, but was on full display in Tallahassee on Saturday.

-         An Offensive line that is healthy and effective.  The boys upfront looked good on Saturday, holding blocks and creating holes for the run game.  This was an area that I wanted to see improve after a few years of a line that has left much to be desired, and was plagued with injury.  Coach Trickett has so far earned the most improved of the position coaches in my opinion. 


-There is only one thing that isn’t a positive from this week’s victory.  A slow start.  The past two games have both started a bit sluggishly for the Noles, as they seem to be feeling out the offense on one side of the ball, and trying to develop a game plan to score on the other.  I don’t mean to sound like a brat, as I am certainly aware of the final score in both games, but if you plan on beating fast paced and explosive offenses like let’s say……Clemson, you have to start the game with a plan in motion and keep tempo and momentum in your corner from the start.  I have every confidence that this is improve, and will be a point of emphasis moving into the bulk of the conference schedule which is coming up.

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