Give Jags Three More Weeks

Sep 17, 2013 -- 7:50am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

We cannot pass judgement for three more weeks.
As odd as this may seem, we cannot pass total judgement on this franchise until the team travels to St. Louis to face the Rams.
The reason is the Jaguars do not have the sum of all their parts on the playing field. The team isn’t a shell of itself (well, maybe it is) but it’s pretty bad nonetheless.
With the loss of Justin Blackmon to go along with an injured running back in Maurice Jones-Drew, a suffering quarterback in Blaine Gabbert and an ailing tight end in Marcedes Lewis, this is not the team we all envisioned once the 2013 started. I am not making excuses for the team - 11 points in two games is atrocious and the Jaguars should be ashamed of itself. But I will let you in on a little secret, so brace yourselves.
I think the defense is average and played decent against Oakland, but were overmatched with talent. The Raiders are still awful and will grow as the season continues. If Darren McFadden signs a new contract and the team finds some receivers in the offseason, watch out for Oakland in two years. The Jaguars could be in the same position.
I am also of the belief that had Blackmon been on the field on Sunday and Lewis was healthy and MJD did not get hurt, the score would have been a lot different. I know, woulda, shoulda, coulda. But it’s true. This is an offense out of sorts right now and we do not have the parts to replace our starters and be good. This is not a team built for that right now.
David Caldwell and Gus Bradley have the game plan.  And while we pundits on and 92.5 FM, as well as other media outlets and radio stations blast the team for the poor performance that is warranted, there is still an “out” for this team. Injuries destroy everyone and there seems to be an overload of them early this season across the NFL early in the season.
If we stink the joint up after all our offensive weapons are on the field, and that includes Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson being used properly in the offense and on special teams, then we can boo, hiss and yell to the heavens for changes. But not quite yet. It may be torture, but we must give this team a chance to be together as one.

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