Notes on Rookies

Sep 18, 2013 -- 7:49am

Luke Joeckel


The good: He’s starting to adjust to playing on the right side.


The bad: Havent seen a nastiness to his game yet. Boselli was a nice guy off the field but got after it on the field. He’s already dealt with an injury. Overmatched by defensive linemen.


Johnathan Cyprien


The good: Starting to make plays for the defense


The bad: Missed tackles, tackles occurring 10 or 15 yards downfield, and allowing players to get first downs.


Dwayne Gratz


The good: Showed flashed in the preseason and his limited time in week 1 of the regular season that showed he could have an impact for this defense.


The bad: Injury.


Ace Sanders


The good: Starting to make plays. Starting to establish some chemistry with the quarterbacks. A couple of flashy catches.


The bad: Drops, too much responsibility too early.


Denard Robinson


The good: Can be involved in all aspects of the offense.


The bad: Not being utilized in the game plan. Avg rush is less than a yard per carry.


Josh Evans/Demetrius McCray


The good: Late round picks that can contribute.


The bad: No real impact yet.

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