What if Jags Beat Seahawks?

Sep 19, 2013 -- 11:21am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

I am going to ask the boldest question I think I may have ever asked a sports audience before, so brace yourself for this one.

“What if the Jaguars win on Sunday?”

While Jacksonville is a huge underdog in the game against the Seahawks on Sunday and no one in the free world gives them a chance to win, what if the NFL’s favorite punching bag wins on the road against arguably the best team in the league right now?  No, I am not smoking the wacky weed or drinking Boone’s Farm. I have not taken a leave of my senses (well, my girlfriend might tell you differently) and I certainly have not been held hostage by a group of Seattle Seahawks fans.

What if we win? What if everything comes together and we pull it off?

He’s my theory. And yes, I will use anecdotes for this one.

Back in 1980, the Miami Dolphins were as mediocre as you could get in the NFL. I know the Jaguars are below that level, but the Fins were average at best with David Woodley at quarterback, Delvin Williams their leading rusher and Duriel Harris catching footballs. Thank the good lord for a Bill Arnsparger-run defense.

The Dolphins with their “KIller B’s” defense beat the Rams (then in Los Angeles) 35-14. No one expected the Fins to win the game, no one in Miami as well.

The point here is the team played its signature game that day. The secondary destroyed Vince Ferragamo. The running game worked to perfection and a marginal passer in Woodley led the team to a victory. My dad told me after the game, that the Dolphins could have beaten anyone in the NFL that day because everything went right.

The Jaguars will need that same kind of effort. Kind of like that 62-7 magic back in 1999, but the parts are different and the talent is a grade or two below what it was back then.

But it can be done.

We are so worried about what happens when we lose, maybe we lose sight of the fact the team did play better last week. I know we are all trying to find a spin to put on this - but it was better. And for those who want to find a silver lining, the Browns have only scored 16 points in two games. We are bottom feeders, but others are on the brink of joining us.

I wrote on another site about bold predictions and the Jaguars/Seattle game, about how Chad Henne could have a 400-yard game (in a loss) and how Cecil Shorts could catch balls all over the field and score two touchdowns. I still think that can happen.

And if some miracle of miracles happens, the Jaguars will make this a closer game than we all think and maybe score an upset. Stranger things have happened and like that Dolphins tem in 1980, our Jaguars could surprise the world.

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