Weekly Picks

Sep 27, 2013 -- 2:32pm

By: CJ Rooks (cjrooks0415)

Whether the NCAA or the NFL wants to admit it, gambling is a big part of sports.  Their idea of not talking about it and brushing it under the rug is not a good plan.  Betting on sports is a million dollar industry and I believe should be legalized in any state that wants to allow it.  Unfortunately, this is a discussion for another day.  Take a look below explaining what this article is about.  It is the first one so it is rather long.  For all of you that just want the picks, the next one will be shorter.


Each week I will take a look at the weekends College and NFL games and make picks against the spread.  My theory is to only make a few picks.  The one thing about gambling is that if you stay in too long or take to many games your odds of losing go up.  I do not claim myself as being an expert.  If anyone is familiar with picking games there are millions of so called bookie killers out there.  That is not me.  I just believe that I am fairly decent at knowing when a spread is not correct.   Take a look below.  These are my current picks for the weekend.  I will keep an updated record each week also.


Also follow me on twitter @cjrooks0415 to get exactly what I pick because things can always change!  I can’t stress enough that these lines fluctuate all the time!  For example last week’s game between the Texans and Ravens.  The Texans were -3 or -2.5 in most places.  Fifteen minutes before kickoff it flipped to Ravens -1.  So what did I do?  I took the Ravens!


College Football Picks ATS

UCF +7

Virginia +5.5

Alabama –14.5

Wisconsin +7


Cleveland -5

Saints -6.5

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