What Trade of Monroe Means

Oct 02, 2013 -- 10:23am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

We may have finally gotten some answers from the Jacksonville Jaguars as to how they would continue to revamp and recreate a suitable team for the next two to three seasons.  Trading Eugene Monroe, the team’s most valuable player in terms of trade, spoke volumes about what direction the team was truly heading and got the most for him.

The Ravens will benefit now in the short term, the Jaguars will benefit in the long scheme of things.

This is what is going to happen fans, brace yourself for it, make sure you understand it is nothing personal, it is just what is good for business. There are plenty of players on this roster who are in the last year of contracts and players who might be a little high on the salary cap for 2014 who might be shown the door. That, my friends, is football.

Now, we are left asking, “Who is next?”

Maurice Jones-Drew might be gone. Paul Posluszny might see the door. Jason Babin, the league’s most penalized player may get the boot. Marcedes Lewis has been injured too many times to count.

I expect some kind of a purge of players for draft picks where the team can now tear it down again and build from the draft, free agency and with the existing players on the roster.

The reality is, there will not be Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne on this team next season, MJD’s days are numbered. The offensive line will only return the team’s “new” left tackle in Luke Joeckel and maybe Will Rackley. Geno Hayes will live to play another down in J’ville and the secondary will mainly stay in tact.

Just remember, it is the same model that was used by other football franchises to “get better.”

Seattle and New England are pretty good franchises if you ask me. The Steelers have used the draft for decades to find talent. The Packers built their team on the draft and free agency.

It evidently works for them - so why can’t it work for us?  Before we complain about it on talk radio and in the newspaper and on Facebook, let’s see what is in store for this franchise moving forward.

I know it is a 180-degree turn from what I wrote yesterday, but after seeing just what might happen, I think it is our best option right now. Maybe someone knows something we don’t know.

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