Calling for a Jags Victory

Oct 04, 2013 -- 9:39am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

This may be one of the craziest weeks the Jacksonville Jaguars have endured in years.

A 37-3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts came to them on Sunday at home followed by the trade if Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday. This meant that rookie Luke Joeckel would return to his customary left tackle spot (the one he blocked for Jonny Manziel with). This also meant that reports circulated (even by me) that other “high profile” Jaguars might be on the trading block, which has not happened yet. The news came out from only one source (The Examiner) that the trade of Monroe was done in part to create a roster spot for none other than Tim Tebow. But it is funny that no local news station, 1010XL or any other media outlet in the area, jumped on it.

Yes, my friends on Twitter were all too excited about the prospect of Tebow donning teal and black when it was never confirmed by any real source.

The Jaguars welcomed back Justin Blackmon to the roster and will get his first start of the season opposite Cecil Shorts, if Shorts can play since he aggravated his groin in practice this week and did not practice on Wednesday.

What we have here, my friends, is a crazy week of style over substance and not once has the mention of the game against the Rams and Jeff Fisher been made. So, what does that all mean?

Well, how about a Jaguars victory?

Go ahead and laugh, but with everything that is going on with this team, this organization, Blaine Gabbert and a lost identity, it only seems fitting that we notch our first win of the season and we do so on the road, on a fast turf, against a team whose head coach has called Jacksonville his second home when he was head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Yes, is only fitting this shall happen.

As if it were a scene from a David Copperfield show, the Jaguars will rise from the doldrums and take hold of a team that has been outscored 88-16 In their last three games (no, this is not the Jaguars) and grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

Yes, your Jacksonville Jaguars will win this weekend. And summarily get crushed next weekend in Denver. Sorry to destroy your short-term victory dance and the opportunity to feel good about yourself. I am a realist and if the Jaguars somehow pull off the miracle of a victory, it will not change the fact this is a team that still needs plenty of help.

However in the scheme of things and the way this week, last month and the entire NFL season has gone so far (we may be the worst team in the NFL, but right now we are drafting fourth overall) winning the game isn’t as unheard of as we think. From the ashes of bewilderment comes a win at the most important time in the franchises career.

Seriously, it just might happen.

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