Unfortunately, Jags Should Try to Trade MoJo

Oct 15, 2013 -- 9:19am

The NFL trade deadline is rapidly approaching. Up to this point, the Jaguars have only made one move—sending left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Ravens in exchange for two late round draft picks (a fourth and a fifth rounder.) It leaves fans to wonder if the team will choose to make any more moves. The first name that comes up is (of course) running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Even though his value has plummeted, he still remains one of the few players on this team that has any value. Should the Jaguars try and trade him? Absolutely. Do I want to see the Jaguars trade him? Absolutely not.

In my opinion, the main reason that I do not want to see MJD traded is a simple one—I just don’t want to see it end that way. Jones-Drew has meant more to this franchise in the past five years than any other player that has been a part of this team. He is Jaguars football. He has been the one face that the national media puts in game promos. He has been the only relevant player since the likes of Fred Taylor, Mark Brunell, and Tony Boselli. Despite a couple of bumps in the road, Maurice Jones-Drew deserves to leave on his terms. I want to see him walk out on the field for the last time and waive to the crowd while receiving a standing ovation. He’s never taken a play off, he’s poured his heart and soul into this team, and I don’t want to see him go.

Stepping back and professionally taking a look at what should happen, if you can move him, you should. From day one, general manager Dave Caldwell has made it clear that they are going to rebuild this team through the draft. Thus, you have to put a premium on picks; and in the Jaguars' case, it is not just about acquiring picks to choose more players, it’s about acquiring picks to also use as leverage to trade up.

Maybe this argument is pointless because Caldwell has already said that at this point, they have no plans to move Jones-Drew. But if the right offer comes in? It might change everything.                                                  

If you’d like to weigh in on whether or not you think the Jags should trade MJD, feel free to email me at jessicab@1010xl.com.

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