Jaguars Mid-Season Report Card

Oct 28, 2013 -- 10:06am

Good day, Professor Guru here to hand out the Jaguars’ mid-term report card.

Offense: F – The line stinks, the quarterback play sucks, the runners have been mediocre and the receivers have shown flashes but have too many drops. (Footnote: Is there a more overrated player in the NFL than TE Marcedes Lewis?)

Defense: F – The line stinks whether trying to stop the run or rush the passer, the linebackers always seem to be a step behind and the secondary is totally confused on many plays.

Special Teams: C- -- Punter Bryan Anger has been okay, placekicker Josh Scobee hasn’t missed a kick but is seldom called on (why try a field goal when you’re four TDs down?) and the return game is bad to lousy.

Coaching: F – Admittedly you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken poop, but Gus Bradley and his staff have routinely been caught by surprise by the opponents’ schemes. A major concern is the team doesn’t seem to have shown any improvement since the season opener.

Overall grade: F+.

A potential bright spot is the second half schedule appears considerably easier. The Jaguars’ first half opponents had a combined record of 42-17, by far the best any team has faced. (Even if you subtract their routs of the Jaguars, they are 34-17, still very impressive. The Jaguars’ second half opponents currently have a combined record of 20-24.

A cynical way of looking at second half schedule is to imagine how good the Jaguars’ opponents must feel about having to play the Jacksonville, which is on track to have one of the worst seasons in NFL history. (The Jaguars are now being compared to the 1944 Chicago team that had its roster gutted because of World War II.)

The bottom line is the Jaguars are 0-8 and a good bet to go 0-16 because . . . well, because they earned it.

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