Previewing Biggest College Football Weekend in Florida

Oct 30, 2013 -- 9:45am

This is the biggest college football weekend of the year in our state.

First, a thought about the FSU-Miami game:

The FSU-Miami rivalry was once at the top of my list for college football. Now, after a decade of both programs being somewhere between “really good” and “mediocrity”, it should be back on top this year but it isn’t.

Oh, I’m looking forward to Saturday night’s game in Tallahassee. Both teams are unbeaten and both still have national championship dreams, but the buzz is missing. It’s Miami’s fault. The Hurricanes keep winning, but they’re doing so in an ugly fashion. Meanwhile, the Seminoles are steamrolling opponents.

The oddsmakers agree. No. 3 FSU is a 22-point favorite against No. 7 Miami.

Strangely, that might be the edge the Canes need. Sure, the Seminoles will say they pay no attention to such things, but if you believe that you probably believe the Jaguars will win a game. Coach Jimbo Fisher’s biggest job this week is to convince his players Miami is good enough to win.

It won’t be easy because I, for one, am not convinced.

Now, a thought about the Georgia-Florida game:

Did Coach Will Muschamp actually say the Gators were going to simplify their offense? Is that possible?

For 2½ seasons under Muschamp the Gators’ offense has looked like something drawn up on a match book cover: Between the tackles left, between the tackles right, swing pass: run on 1st down, run on 2nd down, pass on 3rd down, punt.

The Gators’ offense consistently has ranked in the bottom 10 percent among the big boy programs whether Charlie Weis or Brent Pease was calling the plays; whether Jeff Driskel, Jacoby Brissett or Tyler Murphy was playing quarterback.

The common dominator has been Muschamp.

To simplify the offense more than it already is the Gators will have to stop throwing the ball all together.  Maybe they’ll just run to the right side. Maybe they’ll start punting on 3rd down.

Could Muschamp be playing mind games with Georgia, hoping to make the Dawgs’ struggling defense overconfident?

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