Now is Time for Fans to Step Up

Nov 12, 2013 -- 9:07am

By: David Levin (@davidlevin71)

Now that we have won and there is something to cheer about, what happens with the Jaguars and its fans?

How about filling the seats at EverBank Field this weekend?

With all the great things that were accomplished by the defense, even without a pass rush to speak of, the Jaguars still need our support. A win should mean fans want to come to the stadium for over three hours on a Sunday, enjoy a few adult beverages and show the team we are more than fair weather fans.

Saying you are a Jaguars fan is one thing – showing up and cheering the team on is another.  The one thing the media and the commentators (I cannot stand Steve Tasker) always talk about is half-empty stands, the need to promote a fan base, and whether or not this team will move because there are never any fans at the games.  Can we shut them up for once?  

The one thing that all the Florida football teams have in common is selling out football games or the lack thereof.  While ticket counts will show there were enough tickets to lift blackouts in Jacksonville, unless some guy named Tebow is on the sideline, there are never enough people in the stands to warrant it being called a sellout or tarps being taken off some of the sections in the stadiums.  Even in terrible times, teams like the Jets, the Browns and the Raiders – all who have faithful fan bases, bring the masses to the stadiums and line the rows with chaos and excitement. It’s called a real fan base.

I am not saying Jacksonville does not have that and I am not saying it cannot be achieve. What I am saying is when this team was winning games, AFC South titles and trips to the AFC Championship games, there wasn’t a ticket to be had in this city. Since the Jaguars have been on the practice field, giving the coaching staff everything they have in practice and are starting to show that what Gus Bradley’s been preaching can work with determination and patience, shouldn’t we reward the team by being there to root it on?  

We seem to play better on the road. If the Jaguars can come home and play a bit better, shouldn’t we show as fans we can be more supportive than we have?  Now it is our time to pay it forward to the team we have wanted to be winners. Let’s help them get to that point again.

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